Service Berries Appliqued Nuno Felt

Service Berries Appliqued Nuno Felt

I showed you earlier the nuno backgrounds that I had created. I decided to try using the idea of the layered photos that I created in Photoshop Elements.

So instead of going with what the background suggested (pine trees), I thought I would try some fused machine applique over the nuno felt.

I printed out my service berry photo and got out my light box, tracing paper and a pencil. I completely ignored the background in the photo and just concentrated on the branch with berries and leaves. I simplified the design as I went.

Here’s the traced design that I came up with for my applique. Now I needed to choose a piece of fabric, get out my fusible (Wonder Under) and transfer the design to the fabric.

Here’s the piece of fabric that I chose on top of the nuno felt. The photo is not the best as the nuno felt looks black. I fused the Wonder Under to the back of the green fabric with my iron. It’s easy to do but if you haven’t used fusible before, make sure to read the instruction of the type that you have. All of them are a bit different.

Once I had the fusible in place, I transferred the pattern to the paper on the back of the fabric. I had to remember that the pattern would be reversed when cut out and applied to the background. I used the tracing paper to do this by flipping my drawing over on to the fusible paper and drawing on the backside of the tracing paper to transfer the pencil line. This works best if you enhance the original pencil line with a softer lead pencil, I used a 7B. Once the pattern was transferred, I cut it out with a pair of short, sharp scissors. I left the paper in place until after everything was cut out.

Then I applied the cut out fabric to the background by ironing it in place. The fusible melts and holds the fabric in place so that it’s easy to stitch down and add details.

Before I started stitching, I decided to add a little thickened water color to get a bit more definition and shading in the leaves and berries. Then on to the sewing machine.

Here it is after stitching (free motion) on the machine. I used three different greens and a couple of reddish brown threads. It’s hard to get an accurate color representation in the photos as the dark red seems to throw the camera off very easily. This was a fun project and different than most of my other nuno landscapes. Now to figure out what to do with the other backgrounds. More to come!

17 thoughts on “Service Berries Appliqued Nuno Felt

  1. Great idea combining embroidered fabric with felt – it’s so versatile. Could be interesting to add more fabric and stitch layers of leaves and berries.

    1. Thanks Kim, I am considering adding more layers to this. I haven’t decided yet but it would definitely add depth.

  2. A lovely combination of design and colour and the detail by water colour makes quite a difference. It looks 3D – as though the berries and leaves are not applied to the background.

    1. Thanks Lyn! I definitely was trying to increase the 3D effect so it’s nice to hear that you see that. I am enjoying the combination of paint and stitch.

  3. This whole process sets my heart beating a little quicker Ruth. It is just so exciting and inspiring. I love how you are layering the piece – the word that keeps coming to mind when I look at the last photo is realism. I am looking forward to see what happens next!

  4. Really cool Ruth. I like the way it stands out form the background. The watercolours enhance it all. I wonder how watercolour pencils would work, my daughter used to have some.

    1. Thanks Ann, I actually used watercolor pencils/crayons. They are easy to use and work great. I have regular watercolor too but I haven’t used it this way.

  5. Stunning Ruth.

    You’ve chosen the right colour of fabric which combined with your watercolour work has added & given, such depth. Your stitching is simply the icing providing the finer detail.
    I can imagine a similarly produced fabric leaf created separately & then applied, together with some trapunto work on a berry or two, to give a close-up surprise to the inquisitive viewer, of actual depth.

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