Not much progress yet

Not much progress yet

It has been a very busy week and I am afraid I do not have much to report.

I added a few rocks to the picture and I built up the bottom edge to be more feeling of depth. it looks a little better in person but not sure if it was worth the effort, but maybe.

I still have to add a thread or fine yarn element. I thought a few dandelions around the rocks would work. I found a nice dark green variegated thread that Jan had picked up for me.

This is a needle felted picture it is squishy, not flat and “solid” like when I wet felt a picture and then add definition or extras with a needle. I think it may make things difficult.  I made a few stitches, making sure to keep them loose because I don’t want the flowers quilted into the picture. As you can see in my mind these are large rocks, good for sitting on and watching the sea.

That did not work. It still looks quilted and I think the thread is too thin. they may have looked better with flower tops but still like they are in the rock rather than beside the rock.  At least they were easy to take out.

Fine yarn is next up. Fine is a relative term, right? Yes, I am sure it is. This doesn’t have a label but I am sure it’s a Briggs and Little sport single.


I will try this next but I think it may be too thick. If this doesn’t work I will look for some green embroider floss. I am sure I have some. If that doesn’t work I may try to think of some stumpwork maybe, something else  I could do separately with thread and then attach to the picture or maybe embrace the squishyness and quilt a simple flower or bird outline, large to cover the whole thing. Or maybe add some fabric like Ruth did and stitch on that.

And one more thing, to make Jan and Bernadette jealous.  My mom bought me a basket.

My husband said, “we don’t have a cobra.” I have a feeling he wants it to stay that way. LOL


18 thoughts on “Not much progress yet

  1. Lovely basket Ann – do you have plans for it?

    You’ve reached the ‘on/off’ stage with your picture. It’s a bit like trying on clothes in a shop isn’t it? You just keep going until you find the right fit!

  2. It looks like you have identified lots of ways forward with your lovely picture Ann. I’m not a needle felter so this is a question more than a suggestion… what would happen if you just stitched into the top layers of the felt (not right through it) … would it still give you a quilted effect?

    The basket envy is stretching across the Atlantic. Love it!

    1. I am not sure. I will give it a try. I don’t usually do all needle felting but I guess that’s part of the challenge, to take you outside the norm. It is a great basket, isn’t it. 🙂

  3. I think it is coming along nicely Ann. Stitching on felt is always problematical. If you are not able (or don’t want) to at least do a bit of wet felting to consolidate the backgrounds, you could try stitching over water soluble film. This will keep the stitches nearer the surface. Alternatively you could try making woven picots. Mary Corbet over on Needle’n’Thread has some posts about different sizes and ways of using woven picots here:
    I would also consider using several lengths of your variegated green thread in the needle at once. You’d get a thicker yarn, but still fine, and it would mix up the colours more naturally.
    I’m sure if you keep working at it you’ll like it in the end.

    1. I have some thin k film I think. I can try that. I will go have a look at the Picot links. It sounds interesting. and multiple treads may help. I will try some different things. I love baskets but try to stick to ones I will use.

  4. For your stitchery, what if you couch it or just don’t pull it tight, but sort of lay it on top. This isn’t going to get use, so a light hand on the embroidery won’t cause a problem with the illustration. And you mother knows you very well! That’s a gorgeous bit of basketry and yes I am envious.

    1. I did do them very loose but they still looked quilted. I will have to try some of the suggestions. Wait until you see what I have for you .

  5. You’ve gotten some good suggestions Ann. I think that applique would perhaps overwhelm the piece. But I like the ideas of couching because it will sit on the surface or the idea of using water soluble film is good too. The last details are always the hardest to decide, aren’t they?

    I think the basket would be perfect for a cobra!

    1. Yes I have a few things to try. I am going to see if I have some tear away so I don’t have to wet the piece. Although It may not take that much water.

      I am sure a cobra would be very comfy in the basket.

  6. its looking great Ann! i would try multy strands of the thread,very loosely sewen in. then lay in thin whisps of your top colour of wool to help hold then and make them less intence. you could also just lay in tiny wistps for the leaves and add the flowers with french nots? are you going to add a muskox or cow or raven or ground hog or arctic hair or some up close flower?

    Lovely basket! if i ever catch a cobra (which i am not planing on) i will know where to bring it (not Mom she still dosnt like snakes) but to You since you have the right basket! i wonder how i am to get it to you though? one snake at a time i gess.

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