Mossy Driftwood Continued

Mossy Driftwood Continued

Last time I posted, I showed you a piece of driftwood that I had covered in green felt to represent moss. It definitely needed more work to achieve the natural look that I desired.

I took a small pair of sharp scissors and cut out some holes as well as making the ends not so uniform and straight. I then decided to use the left over cut out pieces as padding for stitching. I added the left over pieces in a couple of places and hand stitched them down.

I then decided to try adding more texture with needle felting. I had a pile of little wet felted scraps which you can see on the left and I needle felted those down. Then I added some wool from my carded batts that I had left over after wet felting. I needled those down but not too firmly. I still wanted the texture of moss, which you can see in the right photo.

Driftwood covered with green felt, stitched layers of felt added, needle felted layers added

Here’s what it looked like after I finished the lower layered bits. I left hanging threads as this will be the “grassy” looking bits sticking up between the moss.

Work bench covered with variety of green thread and driftwood covered with felt.

Next was looking for different green threads. Here’s what I came up with. You can also just see on the left side that I found some of my photos of moss and printed those out for reference.

Close up of French Knots stitched on green felt covering driftwood.

I then started adding some hand stitching. These are “wonky” French knots with hand dyed lace weight wool thread. This is going to take a while. I have another “slow” stitch project on my hands.

Next up was to try some machine stitching. I made a sandwich of the threads on the left between two layers of water soluble fabric. I then machine stitched a random branching pattern. The photo on the right shows the result after washing out the soluble fabric.

Close up of machine stitched threads on top of felted driftwood.

Here’s a small piece of the machine stitched moss by the French knot section. I haven’t stitched it in place as I think I will do more of the hand stitching first. I’m loving all the different greens as that is definitely what you find in nature. I will keep you updated on my progress.

28 thoughts on “Mossy Driftwood Continued

    1. Thanks Ladies! It’s been fun thinking of different ways to represent moss in fiber. The machine stitched sample turned out better than I had expected.

  1. What fun you must be having Ruth, accumulating the felt, fibres and yarns and then all the random stitching. The results are looking really “real”. If and when you ever feel you’ve done enough on the mossy surface, you could add a bird searching amongst the moss for a “buggy” breakfast; or just about to fly off with a nestling’s breakfast in her beak or just sitting on the end of the branch singing.
    It will be great to see how you progress.

    1. Thanks Ann, it is fun. It’s great to try out different methods of making moss and see what works the best. I’m thinking of adding some dried up leaves but not sure I will get as far as a bird πŸ˜‰

  2. What a terrific project! I love seeing it develop. Looks like a slow and thoughtful process, just the type for a long winter. Love it.

    1. Thanks Deb. It is definitely going to be a pretty slow process but it is a great winter time activity. It will keep me thinking of spring and summer greens in the grey winter.

    1. Thanks Anne, I had wanted to try felting over a branch for quite a while. I’m glad that I finally got to it as it has been great fun.

  3. This is looking fabulous, Ruth, lots of great textures and delicious greens. Looks like a lot of fun and very realistic

  4. I am so impressed with your ability to make the felted moss look so real. I know how difficult this can be as I attempted to replicate lichen on brick for my 2nd quarter challenge vessel – not an easy task. Where does one get the water soluble fabric? I’ve never tried any free stitching with my sewing machine and wonder what I need to know in order to add this skill to my repertoire. Suggestions please.
    I look forward to watching this site to see how your mossy creation develops!

  5. Thanks Donna, the water soluble fabric I use is by Sulky. I prefer the kind that is more like fabric and not the clear plastic kind. There are plenty of YouTube videos about free motion machine stitching if you want to try it on your own. I have an online class that is specifically about free motion on felt. The next session will be early 2023. It’s on the menu here under online classes.

    1. Sounds interesting Ruth, can you give us the YouTube link? I found lots of things to do with old teabags on there, but not sure which to look at.

  6. Loving this project so much, Ruth. That moss looks so tactile and yummy!

    (Have I perhaps mentioned my birthday is in January? I’m sure I haven’t :D)

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