Unexpected Finds

Unexpected Finds

Apologies are given in advance of my post. I had my first bout of Covid 3 weeks ago, and now have this years flu variant, despite all vaccines onboard. There will be many photos, and few words this month, as I can’t wait to get back to my bed.

Felted Flower Update

The felted flowers from my last blog post (top) were glued on thin white headbands, with an accent leaf or two. (Bottom photos)
Happy faces at the Fall Harvest Tea Party. (top) More headbands (bottom)

I think this project was a huge success! The ladies were so proud to show off their tea party fascinators, and I was proud that we all made it happen. I originally approached the activities director, to volunteer my services to teach felting to the residents. She totally blew me off! When the ladies of Memory Care came in wearing their lovely fascinators, and big smiles, she said nothing to me…but approached the unit activities coordinator, to teach the other units how to make them. She handled it perfectly, saying she was willing to share the information, but they would first, have to procure all the supples I donated for free.

My Parent’s Treasure Trove of Love

I am currently writing this post in a hotel room. We have been in Phoenix, Arizona for almost 4 weeks now! I’m selling my mother’s house to cover her monthly expenses in Memory Care. Thanks to trustworthy people and technology, 50% of the contents were donated to worthy charities, before we got here. The remaining 50% was placed in the garage for us to sort through. Ugh! A daunting mess, doesn’t even come close, to what we saw before us.

Mom and Dad’s retirement dream home
These are display pieces, designed by my father and assembled by my mother, for our needlepoint shop: The Yarn & I. Needlepointed Bolero style vests (top) painted canvas (left) and Bargello/flame stitch pattern (right). Bottom photo shows 3 different belts available at the time.
Quilts designed and made by father, Don Mettler.
More quilts! Finished, and Unfinished pieces (right)
These are examples of my father’s later works. Fabric Embellishment (quilted art) and Mixed Fiber Art
Fabric Art pieces collected by my parents (top) and a Needlepointed Art piece designed and created by Don Mettler.
These are some vintage pieces I found, going through numerous boxes. Starting at the upper left moving clockwise; a) trivet made of cotton threads, b) vintage needle package, c) needle package opened up, d) hand embroidered tissue cover, e) lace collar removed from a young ladies dress…possibly my grandmother’s.

Thank you for taking a trip through time and treasure with me. The holiday season is quickly coming upon us. Please take care of yourselves as you are out and about – there are some nasty viruses out there. Now, I’m going back under my covers for a rest.


12 thoughts on “Unexpected Finds

  1. Get well soon Capi 🙂

    The floral headbands are a lovely boost to morale for the ladies proudly wearing them – what a successful project and a feather in your cap.

    Your father made wonderful textile art and collected interesting vintage items. What a treasure trove.

    Thank you for sharing those photos with us.

  2. What wonderful finds Capi. That bargello bolero took me back 50 years – I made one in (I think) the same design in colours from yellow out to orange. It was made to fit me but, a bit like making something of felt, it shrank under the stress of needle and thread even though it was on a frame. Too small, so I never really got to wear it although I loved it.
    Your father’s talent was amazing – some beautiful memories for you to cherish.
    Your ladies look great in their flowers and it’s great to see how proud they are of themselves – one in the eye for the Activities Director!
    I do hope that you recover quickly from the dreaded lurgy – but don’t get up too soon and end up back in bed over Christmas.

  3. Feel better soon, Capi!

    Thanks for sharing your treasures with us. The quilts are works of art and knowing they were made by a loved one is the best feeling ever. How proud you must feel to have such talented parents!

  4. Aaahh, difficult and melancholy days…happy and sad. I loved your photo of the ladies and their fascinators. They look very happy! Well done! What a legacy your parents have given you. Terrific trip down memory lane. Crummy that you are unwell in these days. Hopefully the sun will help heal quickly. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sorry to hear that you aren’t well. Take it easy after all your hard work clearing out the house.

    Great job with the fascinators Capi. All the ladies look lovely and so happy to be wearing their creations.

    It’s interesting to see your Dad’s needlepoint/canvas work. That is the subject I’m currently studying in my class. I love his white on white art piece, very cool, it gives me some ideas for class.

    What will you do with all your finds?

  6. I do hope that you feel better soon Capi. Thank you for showing the treasures from your parents house, your father was so skilled.
    I love fascinators made by your ladies, I hope that you feel proud of your work with them, and your skills with getting the ladies to understand what to do is wonderful. Bravo.

  7. Get well soon. The ladies look so proud of their work.
    Ho lucky your are to have had such talented parents and to now have a treasure trove of quilts. I am quite jealous.
    The white on white art piece is very interesting and Is the collar is lovely, is it crochet?

  8. Get well soon Capi.

    Your ladies look so thrilled to be wearing their tea party fascinators – proof of a job well done by everyone, including their tutor.

    Thank you for sharing your collection of treasured items from your parents who were both very talented, particularly your father. As with others here I recognise the style of a few pieces, which puts an age to us 🤪
    I love the colours of the quilts, the white on white work is somehow very contemporary & the chicken scratch piece brings back memories of all my exploits with the technique.

  9. The fascinators are really pretty. Well done you. Clearing parental homes is so tough, Best of luck, and what amazing pieces you have discovered, real treasures.

  10. Clearing out is tough. I hope you enjoyed discovering these treasures. They are fabulous.

    So well done with the felt flower fascinations. You clearly helped the ladies to feel good about creating their pieces – they look like they thoroughly good time, thanks to your generous gift of time, care & materials.

    I hope you’re feeling better very soon. Covid + flu – sounds very challenging. Do look after yourself.

  11. Wow, what talented parents and grandparents you have, it is lovely to see where your creativity has come from, you must feel so proud of their beautiful and intricate work. I hope you will be able to keep some of the pieces.

    Take care of yourself and feel better soon.

  12. Looks like you’ve sent alot of us down memory lane…I used to run craft classes in adult care homes and know first hand how much pleasure it can bring to the residents. I hope you get to return and put smiles on those faces again.
    Its sad that you are having to sell your parents home and belongings but lovely that you get to keep some of your father’s quilts. His white on white piece is a real stunner!
    Thanks for sharing and get well soon Capi.

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