WHOOSH and now it’s Fall

WHOOSH and now it’s Fall

This summer started out with a lovely leisurely saunter to it, and now that sonic boom I just heard is Fall clambering for attention.  Our guild has participated in at least five demonstrations throughout the region, some lasting for several days.  Some were at historical sites, some were at agricultural events or country fairs, but all were a load of fun.  And a load of work.  So now, we are preparing for our own event.  Our guild will be having our Sale and Exhibition in early November.  I’ll be a vendor so I need to get going on sorting through inventory and (sigh) start labelling and pricing items.

I’ll be having braids, batts, and spun yarn

And being terribly disappointed in how the photos turn out in this horrible lighting.  These colours are not at all grey and sad looking in sunlight, but this is how they will probably look during winter, so I should take that into consideration when I make colours.  Indoor lighting will have an emotional effect on how people view their decisions.

Anyway, you get the idea that there will be a huge variety of different items available at our guild Sale and Ex.  I am partnering with another guild member who weaves.  She took her degree in Fiber Arts from a University in Nova Scotia and does superlative work. Jan will get some of those for you later I’m sure.

Finally, something cheerful!  Well colourful in a Fall sort of way at least.  I’ve ordered labelling cards which should arrive this week, so I can at least get a jump on things by cracking out the scale and start weighing stuff.  Here’s hoping everyone has a great Fall (my favourite time of year, busy though it is) an abundant harvest and lovely fibre to work with.


8 thoughts on “WHOOSH and now it’s Fall

  1. With you on this one Bernadette. Every year summer ends too soon and it always takes us by surprise!

    Preparing for a sale is hard work but worth it because being a vendor is rewarding – not necessarily financially – but always in the interaction with like-minded souls.

    You make a good point about fibres looking very different on darker days so we hope you get a well-lit stall.

    Looking forward to seeing Jan’s photos!

    1. I am looking forward to the Sale, but Fall for all that it’s so lovely is just packed with a tonne of other stuff that I also love doing. I make jam and pickles and freeze as much of the harvest as I can get my hands on, dye as much wool as possible, as well as doing demos, I also have to winterize the yard. Thankfully I have a grandson who is built like a bull and lovely to work with, should have been called Ferdinand.

  2. As I write this, I’m also getting ready to photograph some items to put up for sale in my online shop. It’s amazing how much different things can look depending on the light conditions! I’ll be making the most of the current sunny weather and be clicking away near the window, with my trusty reflector by my side.

    Have you considered daylight lamps for your stall setup? They should in theory show the true colours of your lovely fibre, but if everyone else has warm, yellow lights, you might end up looking too “bright”…

    I hope your sale goes swimmingly!

    1. I have three very bright daylight lamps, just didn’t use them for the photographs. The lamps are packed in with ‘show’ equipment, but yes, that’s a wonderful idea. Thank you I’ll use them for the next grey day photo shoot.

  3. Lovely yarns and fiber Bernadette. I wish I was close enough to come to the sale. Photos and lighting are always a tough issue but I’m glad to hear that you have the daylight lamps. That will help for sure. I don’t mind the neutral or grayed colors as I’m always looking for those instead of really bright ones. Inspiration from nature always has loads of neutrals and many times, I don’t have the right color. So of course, I need to dye more 😉

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