2022 Fourth Quarter Challenge

2022 Fourth Quarter Challenge

There are three challenges in the last quarter of this year.  Ann (frabjous fabrica) kindly thought up the first two and we added a third.

So pick one … or do all three!

  1. Finish one or more UFO’s. Wouldn’t it be lovely to start the new year without unfinished projects clamouring for your attention.
  2. Make something only from bits you already have in your stash.
  3. Make something seasonal – perhaps to celebrate autumn and winter, or perhaps to celebrate an occasion such as Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night, Remembrance Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Here are some of our ‘blasts from the past’.

FINISHED UFO: Annie laid out the wool fibres for this piece in June 2019 but only got around to felting it in April 2021!

MADE ONLY FROM STASH: A felted winter hat and a stitched Rudolph picture.

SEASONAL: Felted winter scene with hand and free motion stitching.

Felted ‘Christmas Podding’ with free motion stitching.


We’re looking forward to seeing what you make for this challenge and there is now an easy way to post your photos: https://feltingandfiberstudio.com/community-photo-submissions/

16 thoughts on “2022 Fourth Quarter Challenge

  1. Well there’s a surprise, I wasn’t expecting to see the first two suggestions quite so soon, but I may well be ahead of you. I attended a workshop yesterday where we were embedding beads (with and without holes in), buttons, and sparkly fabrics, in little felted brooches/beads and everything I took with me was out of my stash – they’re still in the car so I can’t show you yet. It was raining so hard when I got home I just left everything in it.
    As for the third suggestion – how about something for Halloween? SNADS, our local AmDram society’s autumn play is a spooky Murder Mystery where all the characters except the police Chief Inspector (me – cross dressing again!) are dead or undead. I have to make a costume for poor William who stuck between being a human and a werewolf because of a (burned at the stake) witch’s botched spell. So felt will be in there somewhere and I’ll remember to take photos for a post.
    I’m still attempting to ignore my UFOs at the moment, but I might manage something there too (just don’t hold your breath).
    I love Annie’s piece, and that “out of the stash” winter hat. Is that nuno felted, knitted and felted or are all the decorations laid-out fibres? And the Christmas Pod looks a great idea for presents.

    1. Thanks for that link Lyn. I’ve been wanting to make a felt hat that covers my ears for some time.

  2. Love the Christmas “Podding” and great to see Annie’s hanging finished, it’s fabulous.
    I’ve been so distracted this year I’ve not made time to join in the challenges but this one is perfect for all of us, great suggestions from Ann and you. I promise to post a photo of my “made from my stash” vessel next week….there, I’ve said it so it has to happen😱🤣

  3. Great ideas for the last quarter challenge of the year. I hardly ever buy anything new any more so pretty much everything I make is from my stash. I’m always following the standard of USU ( use sh*t up). And I try to avoid UFO’s all together. Usually all I have left are “failed” projects. So I will have to see what I have to work with.

    I do love all your examples. I had forgotten all about the hat. Good to see Annie’s large floral piece again too.

  4. I remember seeing Annie’s piece on her table. It turned out great even if it was slightly delayed. I hope to unpack somethings into the studio space and find some UFOs to work on.

  5. These are super suggestions for the challenge Lyn. Looking at Annie’s finished piece just makes me so happy. It’s a real feel good theme for the observer. Love the podding – it was a real surprise when I saw the lid lifting off – great idea. In fact, what’s not to love with all the pieces.

    You have spurred me on to complete a bit of crochet. A rather huge granny square. One of those ‘sit in front of the telly and mindlessly crochet’ pieces (that is unless there is a scandi thriller on where I have to follow the subtitles.;)

    1. Thank you Helene! What will you do with the huge granny square? Cushion? One side of a top (blouse)? Blanket? Bag? So many possibilities.

      Love the scandi thrillers too and I agree that they do need all your attention.

    2. Thanks Lyn. I think at this stage we are looking at a king sized bed but in the meantime I am actually enjoying snuggling in underneath it as I make it now that the evenings are turning cold. 🙂

  6. I posted a comment after Shepherdessann (before Helene) & it was actually shown as ‘published’….I’ve been awaiting your usually prompt reply Lynn….but now it has all totally vanished!?!?

    1. Funny thing there Antje. When I looked at these comments today I was sure I had already replied to Ann but the reply was gone so I wrote another, and I was also sure I’d replied to your comment that has also disappeared!

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