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WHOOSH and now it’s Fall

WHOOSH and now it’s Fall

This summer started out with a lovely leisurely saunter to it, and now that sonic boom I just heard is Fall clambering for attention.  Our guild has participated in at least five demonstrations throughout the region, some lasting for several days.  Some were at historical sites, some were at agricultural events or country fairs, but all were a load of fun.  And a load of work.  So now, we are preparing for our own event.  Our guild will be having our Sale and Exhibition in early November.  I’ll be a vendor so I need to get going on sorting through inventory and (sigh) start labelling and pricing items.

I’ll be having braids, batts, and spun yarn

And being terribly disappointed in how the photos turn out in this horrible lighting.  These colours are not at all grey and sad looking in sunlight, but this is how they will probably look during winter, so I should take that into consideration when I make colours.  Indoor lighting will have an emotional effect on how people view their decisions.

Anyway, you get the idea that there will be a huge variety of different items available at our guild Sale and Ex.  I am partnering with another guild member who weaves.  She took her degree in Fiber Arts from a University in Nova Scotia and does superlative work. Jan will get some of those for you later I’m sure.

Finally, something cheerful!  Well colourful in a Fall sort of way at least.  I’ve ordered labelling cards which should arrive this week, so I can at least get a jump on things by cracking out the scale and start weighing stuff.  Here’s hoping everyone has a great Fall (my favourite time of year, busy though it is) an abundant harvest and lovely fibre to work with.


Some Fall Colour to Inspire You

Some Fall Colour to Inspire You

Fall is here and the trees are turning colour and the fall bl00ms are out.

This is the View I have every morning on my way to work


The rest of the pictures I will do mostly smaller so as not to overwhelm peoples computers. If you click on them they will open larger.

fall-1 fall-2 fall-3 fall-4 fall-5 fall-6 fall-12 fall-13 fall-14  This one you will need to enlarge to see. It is one of the Maples that is such a dark green it looks black. Now it is a really dark purple.

And now for the fall blooms. I do not know what most of them are. Perhaps Frances will see this and help us out.

fall-9 fall-10

These are wild sunflowers I am told. You have to beat them back several times a year to keep them under control. In the background is the same flower as on the right, Michaelmas daisies.

fall-18 fall-16

I am sure these are just different colours of the same flower and blow is sedum. Apparently it is tasty because the sheep eat mine this year.


I left this one big so you could see the bumble bee.


The apples looked so nice against the blue of the sky I had to include them. Lastly I have a few crazy violets blooming. I have no idea what the white flowers are.


Are the fall colours starting where you are? In the southern hemisphere I think the spring flowers must be starting. I hope my fall colours inspire you in your work this month. Fall is my favourite season I think.




Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Happy Thanksgiving Canada

It is Thanksgiving here in Canada today. I thought I would celebrate by showing you some of the wonder fall colours . Everything is late this year so we are just getting to the peak of colour. It is very inspiring.

trees 2 tree trees

and some close ups of the wonderful leaves

leaves 9 leaves 8 leaves 7

I also took some pictures of the cord I made on the meridi at the demo I talked about in my last post.

cordage 1 cordage 2

Now I am off to cook a turkey and all the fixings. Have a great day.

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