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WHOOSH and now it’s Fall

WHOOSH and now it’s Fall

This summer started out with a lovely leisurely saunter to it, and now that sonic boom I just heard is Fall clambering for attention.  Our guild has participated in at least five demonstrations throughout the region, some lasting for several days.  Some were at historical sites, some were at agricultural events or country fairs, but all were a load of fun.  And a load of work.  So now, we are preparing for our own event.  Our guild will be having our Sale and Exhibition in early November.  I’ll be a vendor so I need to get going on sorting through inventory and (sigh) start labelling and pricing items.

I’ll be having braids, batts, and spun yarn

And being terribly disappointed in how the photos turn out in this horrible lighting.  These colours are not at all grey and sad looking in sunlight, but this is how they will probably look during winter, so I should take that into consideration when I make colours.  Indoor lighting will have an emotional effect on how people view their decisions.

Anyway, you get the idea that there will be a huge variety of different items available at our guild Sale and Ex.  I am partnering with another guild member who weaves.  She took her degree in Fiber Arts from a University in Nova Scotia and does superlative work. Jan will get some of those for you later I’m sure.

Finally, something cheerful!  Well colourful in a Fall sort of way at least.  I’ve ordered labelling cards which should arrive this week, so I can at least get a jump on things by cracking out the scale and start weighing stuff.  Here’s hoping everyone has a great Fall (my favourite time of year, busy though it is) an abundant harvest and lovely fibre to work with.


Demo Time

Demo Time

In September I do two demonstrations at local country fairs. They are a lot of fun and we get to meet lots of people. Wet felting is not the easiest to do as a day long demo so I take lots of sample to put in the display and explain it to interested people.


I usually take my drop spindle but one day I did Kumihimo ( Japanese braiding) on a meridi.

richmond bernadette and i richmond me on the meridi

Jan did some weaving on a table loom and Carlene was on the peg loom.

Carp jan 2 Carp Carlene and the peg loom

Alison( trying to keep warm on a freezing morning) spinning  and Bernadette combing some fiber to spin next to the lace maker.

Carp Allison richmond Bernadette and a lacemaker

As usual there were other things to see.

richmond ag collage 2 richmond ag collage

There was some felting in the Agriculture competition building.

richmond hand crafts

I zoomed in to show you . The Santa and dog and the two dogs.

richmond needle felt

Doing Demonstrations is really fun. Anyone else do them?


Visit to Waldron Grove Alpaca Farm

Visit to Waldron Grove Alpaca Farm

Last weekend, I took a little ride to the Waldron Grove Alpaca Farm in Campton Hills, Illinois for their annual Open House and Art Sale. The two day event featured their 30 Suri alpacas and an array of handmade items for sale and demonstrations by five featured artists.

alpaca farm

The farm is owned by Susan and Ron Waldron since 2003.  Susan is an oil painter and felter.  She combines needle and wet felting using her Suri Alpaca fleece exclusively for her designs.  She and Ron also specialize in alpaca farm start ups.

The alpacas are a little shy so they kept to themselves, but it was fun watching them in the field.  Susan had two wonderful weather days for the event.  (Lately, our weather has been very iffy.) A little windy but sunny and warm.

The garage was filled with wonderful art pieces for sale.  While I was there I was able to watch a spinning and drop spindle demonstration by Laurie McGee who is a dyer, spinner, weaver and knitter.  She also makes custom yarn, hand combed tops and gives spinning lessons.

Laurie spinningLaurie w







Laurie 1

There were many of Susan’s oil paintings, tapestries, silk scarves, shawls, silk coverups and clothing beautifully displayed around the area.  She also sells alpaca needle felting kits featuring alpacas, irises, and other flowers. You can learn more about Waldron Grove at

                            more scarves shawl on rack scarves


felt kits          clothes rack

LuAnn Toborg and Anita Riemer were manning the cash register while I was there and I had an opportunity to talk to both of them.

LuAnn specializes in hand dyeing yarn with natural plants, berries and flowers.

Lu AnnLaurie

Anita creates dyed yarn with acid dyes and makes cowls, scarves, hats, felted wallets, jewelry and baby blankets.


While I was there, Susan demonstrated needle felting and hand carding for her guests. She’s modeling a wool jacket she embellished with alpaca.

susan demo

Of course, I bought some alpaca to play with.  I also arranged to come back to take a lesson on using the needle felting machine.

It was a fun afternoon talking with fellow felters and artists and perusing all the wonderful works of art available for sale.

What special events have you attended recently?  Remember, if you have a project or event you’d like to blog about, please contact one of the moderators and let us know.

Carp Fair Demo

Carp Fair Demo

This is the last Demo until spring. the carp Fair was celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. It was a beautiful weekend cool in the morning and hot by mid afternoon.  There were more people their than ever before. We demoed an extra hour. It was alot of fun chatting with everyone that came by

Here is my display, I was making sheep again.

my display

Here is hand spinning on her tiny wheel. I think it’s called a road bug. It’s designed so you can spin sitting in the passenger seat in a van. jan spinning

This is Julie, She was working on an inkle loom and a 4 harness table loom and

Julie inkle weavinngJulie weaving

This is Bernadette, she is showing me how to use combs. They are English combs I think.

Burnadet combing

And last but not least is Linda who is making a tail spun yarn.Linda tail spinning. Linda tail spinning on the bobbin.

We where not the only ones sharing our passions.

our neighbour blacksmith trimming shingles chainsaw carver moving display moving display 2There was more to this display but I couldn’t get a good shot with the sun in my lens. All in all I think everyone had a great time.

Demo at Richmond Fair

Demo at Richmond Fair

Last weekend I was demoing with friends at the Richmond fair. Saturday it poured and no one came to the fair. It did mean I got to take pictures. Sunday was dry so nice an busy and no time for pictures.

This is my display. I was making the little felted sheep on the far end of the table.

felt display at the fair

This is my friend Jan she had the weaving and spinning display. If you look behind her you will see a bin. That is what she put her little spinning wheel or her kick spindle ( both on the table) in so it wouldn’t get wet while she was spinning.

jan at richmond

Next is Mary, she is in charge. She runs a sock knitting machine.

mary m at richmond 2

The lace makers were there with an amazing display.

lace making display

And lastly there was a boot maker. She had leather bracelets and key chains foe people to stamp into.  She brought all kinds of animal pelts so people could see them. They all died accidently or of natural causes.


Because it was raining and there was no one to demo for we started getting a bit silly. Here is me wearing a fox hat and skunk mittens.

skunk mitts

This Saturday I am at another demo and on Sunday I will be at the farmers market with my felt. I will try to get pictures of both.

Demo at the Farm Show

Demo at the Farm Show

It was time for our spring farm show. It’s a trade show for Farmers. There is machinery , equipment, Information an animals and buildings and and just about anything you can think of that a farmer might be interested in. The best part to me is the antique display because I get to be one. The guild I belong to, the Ottawa Valley Weavers and Spinners Guild helps out with a display and demonstration. On the day I was there, there were two of us. Neither of us are weavers so we did Carding, Spinning, and Felting. They were short of space in the room the antiques were in so we ended  up out in the hall to attract people in.

her are to pictures of our display. you can see some machinery outside.

Farm Show Demo Display

Here is Merilyn spinning on an spinning wheel that is a one of a kind home made, she bought 3rd or 4 hand. My ashford traveler is set beside her. you don’t get  a picture of me because I had the camera.

Marilyn demonstrating spinning.

Across from us doing a different kind of spinning was the rope maker. he was so popular with the kids that he got blisters.  After spinning the rope onto the hooks he has someone turn the handle. This moves the grooved paddle slowly down the 4 ropes and it spins the rope behind.  Our rope was much softer.

Rope Maker
"spinning" the rope

Here is my piece of rope. The last piece he made that day.


The thing I wanted at the farm show was a sock knitting machine. This is a hand cranked affair. they were fairly common at one time. you can make toes, heals and the ribbing for socks with it.  The lady that was demonstrating this one said she usually does the ribbing by hand because hers doesn’t work very well. I want one of theses because despite enjoying spinning wool I can not knit.

circular sock knitting machine.