Carp Fair Demo

Carp Fair Demo

This is the last Demo until spring. the carp Fair was celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. It was a beautiful weekend cool in the morning and hot by mid afternoon.  There were more people their than ever before. We demoed an extra hour. It was alot of fun chatting with everyone that came by

Here is my display, I was making sheep again.

my display

Here is hand spinning on her tiny wheel. I think it’s called a road bug. It’s designed so you can spin sitting in the passenger seat in a van. jan spinning

This is Julie, She was working on an inkle loom and a 4 harness table loom and

Julie inkle weavinngJulie weaving

This is Bernadette, she is showing me how to use combs. They are English combs I think.

Burnadet combing

And last but not least is Linda who is making a tail spun yarn.Linda tail spinning. Linda tail spinning on the bobbin.

We where not the only ones sharing our passions.

our neighbour blacksmith trimming shingles chainsaw carver moving display moving display 2There was more to this display but I couldn’t get a good shot with the sun in my lens. All in all I think everyone had a great time.

10 thoughts on “Carp Fair Demo

  1. Lots of interesting things to see – and good weather too!

    I like the shawl you have on your stand – it’s a beautiful rainbow of colours.

  2. Very nice display. I agree with Lyn the colors in the shawl are beautiful. I love the hats as well. Looks like you had good turnout and nice weather!

  3. I like the colours too 🙂
    It looks like there were lots of interesting stands, were they grouped together by interest?

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