Times a Flyin

Times a Flyin

Oh boy time is really starting to just fly by now and I haven’t managed to do very much over the last week, I’ve only finished one more mosaic and I’ve attempted to carve into polystyrene to make shapes , that’s much harder that it seems !  Have you tried cleaning up after digging into and slicing polystyrene, its like water , its gets everywhere lol  I’ve given this small piece  one coat of a concrete mix but not sure i’m using the right product so i’ll leave it alone for a while, Im still waiting to get into the sculptural workshop which should be in a week or so, we’ve had school holidays here and my new teacher has been flat out so im patiently waiting waiting 🙂

So this is the mosaic and yes its another flower, im kind of stuck on them at the moment and I think that’s maybe because were supposed to be in spring and we’ve had nothing but torrential rains and huge winds.!  Talk about bad hair days all round 🙂


This poly piece started out about triple the size 🙂  I don’t have a hot wire cutter (yet) so I was using a very sharp knife but kept breaking bits off.  I was thinking about turning it into a candle holder with glass and beads, small Christmas presents to give out, I think I might wait to mosaic it until after my workshop mainly to make sure i’m using the right products, i’d hate to mosaic it and have it all fall apart,  its a big wonky but you get the idea.


This Friday i’m off to my sisters for the weekend, she’s been wanting to learn mosaics so were taking the whole weekend to play and im really looking forward to getting away and having a laugh, some wine a good chat, oh and hopefully a lot of mosaicing 🙂

What have you all been up to and where ever you are I hope your having better weather than us aussies  down under xoxo

14 thoughts on “Times a Flyin

  1. I love the flower. There’s a workshop on mosaics at our local upcycling craft shop coming up that I really want to try. I’m afraid I’d get addicted, though.

  2. The flower is lovely Karen. No harm in trying to keep spring in the air! I hope you enjoy your weekend getaway with your sister. It sounds like fun. Here in Illinois we’ve had some ’80s weather still very windy, but the leaves have already started to turn and we’re in for cooler days. 🙁

    1. Thanks Marilyn, Im actually trying to bring on spring lol its suppose to be that now but our weather has been terrible. Im looking forward to some warmer weather so we can get outside and enjoy the sunshine, almost forgotten what its like lol

  3. The flower mosaic is wonderful. I am looking forward to seeing how the 3D mosaics work after your class. Have fun at your sisters, it’s nice to get away.

    1. Thanks Ruth, im almost champing at the bit waiting for my class and i’m looking forward to weekend with her, its been a while so I just hope we actually get some mosaics done lol

  4. I like the flower. and as long as you keep posting your spring and summer pictures it will help to keep us warm as we go into our fall and winter. Have a great weekend and have a glass of wine for me too.

    1. Thanks Ann, oh I really shouldn’t be complaining should I, we don’t have to live in wayyyyy below 0 temps like you do , so in that case i’ll definitely have a glass of wine for you xoxo

  5. The flower mosaic is beautiful – nothing wrong with being stuck on flowers. They are an artist’s constant joy.
    Have fun with your sister – sounds like it should be a great weekend.

  6. I like the flower too 🙂
    Let us know how the workshop goes and have lots of fun this weekend 🙂

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