Demo at Richmond Fair

Demo at Richmond Fair

Last weekend I was demoing with friends at the Richmond fair. Saturday it poured and no one came to the fair. It did mean I got to take pictures. Sunday was dry so nice an busy and no time for pictures.

This is my display. I was making the little felted sheep on the far end of the table.

felt display at the fair

This is my friend Jan she had the weaving and spinning display. If you look behind her you will see a bin. That is what she put her little spinning wheel or her kick spindle ( both on the table) in so it wouldn’t get wet while she was spinning.

jan at richmond

Next is Mary, she is in charge. She runs a sock knitting machine.

mary m at richmond 2

The lace makers were there with an amazing display.

lace making display

And lastly there was a boot maker. She had leather bracelets and key chains foe people to stamp into.  She brought all kinds of animal pelts so people could see them. They all died accidently or of natural causes.


Because it was raining and there was no one to demo for we started getting a bit silly. Here is me wearing a fox hat and skunk mittens.

skunk mitts

This Saturday I am at another demo and on Sunday I will be at the farmers market with my felt. I will try to get pictures of both.

10 thoughts on “Demo at Richmond Fair

  1. Yes, for summer fairs the weather is everything! Such an interesting displays, I’ve never seen lace maker’s stand at country fairs. And a sock making machine! Your table looks fabulous!
    Good luck with this weekend markets!

  2. I would love to have browsed those stalls (but I’m not sure about the skunk mittens!) I didn’t know there was such a thing as a sock-knitting machine.

    Your stall looks very inviting and the white heads and hands are really good for showing your hats and cuffs at their best.

    1. Thank you Lyn. The skunk mittens are cool. they are lined with beaver. So lovely and soft and there was no smell. LOL The sock knitting machine is very cool and it’s the same technology they still use to knit in the round like when they make pantyhose. They were popular in the late 1800 and early 1900. It was a way for women to make extra money.

  3. I would have loved having a wander round too 🙂 I think I remember the sock knitting machine. I always think fur stuff would feel much nicer worn inside out, with the fur against the skin/head 🙂 Those skunk mittens are great! It’s cool they were all natural/accidental deaths.

    1. It is a nice fair. I have taken more pictures of the steam stuff at the carp fair. I think it makes more sense to put the fire on the inside too. the Inuit ( used to be called Eskimo) put fur on the inside and sometimes on the inside and outside. You have to find the really old pictures.

  4. It looks like you had fun Ann even though the first day was quiet, mmmm not really sure about the skunk mittens although they look pretty cool lol glad we don’t have them here xoxo

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