Felt Vessel Class

Felt Vessel Class

I taught an enthusiastic group of ladies how to make felted vessels last Sunday. They were a great group and without Carleen’s reminders to take pictures I would have nothing to show you today.

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Three ladies chose to make pots that were a different colour inside.  and two made theirs a solid colour.

Then of course there was the wetting, rubbing and rolling and shaping




Blowing up a balloon inside  helps get a nice shape. In the back ground you can see Carlene rolling on a car mat.

For some reason I did not get a picture of all the finished pieces. This is the only one I have of this white and gold pot. It was very elegant and I think it would make a great light cover. She said she was rewetting it and reshaping it. I hope she remembers to send me a picture of it when it’s done.

There was also some very determined rolling on the glass wash board.

I do have some finished pictures.


The blue one is Carlene’s. She wants to add to it. Here are 3 thoughts. The second and third pictures are the same yarn but different ends,  one has more blue in it.

Her husband thinks the yarn covers up to much of the pot. I like the spiral but think maybe make the lines farther apart. What do you think? It may have been better to felt it right in. It would still be texture but flatter, more integral to the pot. Hey Carlene, maybe you just need to make another pot.

16 thoughts on “Felt Vessel Class

  1. Love the washboard photo! You can see what’s going through her mind “Listen to me pod, you will full if it’s the last thing I do!”
    Great results from the class and it looked like everyone had fun.

  2. The white and gold pot looks so lovely! It looks very “organic,” if that makes sense – like something from nature.

    I rather like the art yarn on the blue pot, and I love how the texture pops out. I agree that it covers the pot texture a bit much, so I’d perhaps add just a little of the yarn, maybe on the top and the middle.

    Looks like everyone had fun and got some exercise done!

    1. Thanks. It looked very elegant and would look lovely with some sand dollars and starfish displayed with it. I would pop a light inside for night time. It would look amazing. Hopefully Carlene will finish it and I can share with you what she decided.

  3. beautiful works well done and thank you for sharing. Ive wondered about cleaning these kind of felt pots or bowls later on. Do they just get dust tapped out or if they got wet do they lose their shape? Just thinking if they were sold or gifted what info to give. Many thanks. Janet

    1. Thanks Janet. You can just tap the dust of or vacuum with the drapery brush. You can wash them and just reshape and let dry again. They usually go back to the finished shape very easily. Simple round shapes you can blow a balloon up in are easiest of course.

  4. Well done everyone! They all look great. Not usually one for neutral, I really like the white and gold one. I agree with Carlene’s husband the last one is a bit too much and prefer the first one. But whatever she decides I’m sure will be lovely.

    1. Thanks, I wasn’t sure about a white with gold either. That’s one nice thing about teaching people do combinations I would never do and it helps stretch your creativity.

  5. Looks like a great class. Glad that Carleen reminded you to take photos. The results are fantastic and that is one of the things I love about teaching is seeing what others create. I think less yarn is better than more. Maybe tendrils coming down from the opening in several places?

  6. They all look great, Ann 🙂 There was a photo which showed up on the Facebook preview that can’t see here, it looked like it was the turquoise one with some embellishment fibres. Do you ever get feedback about how sore they are afterwards? 🙂

    1. Thanks Zed. I will have to edit it in. I have another one to pop in now I have a finished picture. some complain they are tired at the end of the class.

    2. Yeah, deffo add it. I did find it in the media library, it looks like a turquoise gemstone!

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