More Scarves

More Scarves

I made a short, wide scarf/wrap similar to the white scarf I showed last time, using natural cotton scrim and 18.5 mic Merino:

It’s about 3 times as wide as the scarf, and I didn’t scrunch the scrim first:

I used 3 different cellulose fibres for embellishing this: Viscose, Rose and Tencel, this is the Viscose:

I made a few scarves for the craft fair this last weekend, the weather was predicted to be sub-zero, so I thought I’d get lucky. But this is Manchester, we all have a scarf collection and everyone had come prepared, mostly with ‘scarves’ which wouldn’t look out of place on a double bed!! This is a bright, colourful one I made, I always prefer the side where the wispy ends of the wool tops overlap (or underlap since they’re laid first) the next colour:

This is the other side where the colours are in blocks:

An ‘arty’ shot to shop how soft it is πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “More Scarves

  1. I love them both! They look so warm and soft and delicate. And I’m with you on preferring the side with the jagged overlap of colours.

  2. Both look nice and cozy. I agree, the blended side is more interesting. Well, now you have stock for the next fair, that’s if you’re not tempted to use them yourself. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Marilyn πŸ™‚
      I did actually put one scarf to the side for me, it’s one of the first I made a few years ago, but didn’t want to ‘waste it’ on me, but got it out last week and thought I’d keep it!

  3. What luscious looking scarves. Too bad everyone already had their scarves. I could have used on this morning, it was really cold and I didn’t bring mine.

    1. Thanks, Ruth πŸ™‚
      I was tempted to use the wide white one myself, I didn’t take my thermals because the weather forecast was for it being a lot warmer and I didn’t know if we’d be inside. I need to get another trolley to take my ‘just in case’ clothes!

  4. I like them both. I would be putting the white one in a dye bath. White and I don’t get along for long. I like the way the different fibers take up the colours.

    1. Thanks, Ann πŸ™‚
      I tried dyeing bamboo with acid dyes a few years ago and I got nice colours, very pale, but still nice, so I’m guessing these cellulose fibres would dye similarly.

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