More Stencil Work

More Stencil Work

While I have more experimenting to do with the thickened dyes and paint on felt, I have two more to show you for now.

I had a nice Anemones screen stencil from Stencil Girl I had purchased for Ruth’s Paper Lamination Class earlier this year that I didn’t use.  So I wanted to try that on a violet merino batt I had felted for the dye class.  I recalled Mary Stori’s advice on using a credit card with a screen stencil, so I tried that.

I added the thickened dye and ran over each section several times trying hard to have even coverage.   But there was still blotchy spots in the design. ( I’m sure it takes practice like anything else.)  Since it would be next to impossible to line the stencil up exactly again, I had to get creative.

I used a bamboo skewer like a paint brush to fill in the tiny spots with dye being careful not to drip or miss.

I was pleased with the results. In person it isn’t as obvious that there a few lighter spots that the camera caught. While there isn’t a lot of detail in the flowers I may add stitching or paint or leave it as is. I haven’t decided.

I had made a mylar stencil myself of a lotus flower.  I’m not very good with the exacto knife or a burning tool and was worried about how it would turn out. I decided to use a piece of handmade paper I had laying around for decades and acrylic paint to try it out.  I intentionally used the nubby side of the paper to add some interest and texture.  I used a stiff small brush to paint.

It needed a couple of layers, but I was happy the way it looked.



6 thoughts on “More Stencil Work

  1. The lotus is lovely and you did a great job cutting out the stencil.
    You did a good rescue with the bamboo skewer on the anemones and it’s a lovely picture – live with it for a while before deciding whether to fiddle with it or not.

    1. Thanks Lyn! The handmade paper made the stencil more forgiving. I will definitely wait to do something with the anemones. I do like it as is.. Perhaps if I were more confident with stitching or free motion I might be tempted. 😉

  2. Wow, you cut the lotus tensil yourself, Marilyn? That’s impressive. It looks good too. The other one turned out really well, but I actually really like the first photo, if I ever get chance, can I use it for inspiration?

    1. Thnaks Zed! The stencil was a bit of a challenge but I had to try it. You’re welcome to use the photo.

    1. Thanks Ruth! First I tried the burning tool on the stencil and ended up using the exacto knife. It’s far from perfect but worked well on the handmade paper.

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