Felted Sheep Class

Felted Sheep Class

This last weekend I was teaching a needle felted sheep class. I had 5 ladies in the class and as usual I forgot to take as many pictures as I should. I should hire a photographer I am always to busy.

I showed them how to make the legs by needle felting and then showed them how to make a wet felted snake you can make legs faster and easier if you want to make a small flock.


They did really well, with very little finger poking. After needling all the parts together in to naked sheep, they all picked their colours form the containers of Blue Faced Lester curls I brought so their sheep could get their wool.


img_4833 img_4834 img_4835 img_4836 sheep-4

Four were completely done at the end of class. I love theses little sheep they all have their own personalities.

img_4839 img_4838 img_4840

One was not quite done and will be finished at home. For the moment we decided he was staggering  home from a drunken bust up at the local pub.


This is probably the last time I will teach this class and the 5 ladies made it a fun class to finish with. I few other talented ladies are going to take over the needle felting classes at the guild.  This suits me as I don’t needle felt much anymore and prefer wet felting.

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  1. So cute! Especially the little drunk guy. 🙂 Hopefully they will come to the wet side! At least no bleeding fingers.

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