First Quarter Challenge

First Quarter Challenge

They say great minds think alike. We all seem to have decided on a book resist. I started with 3 stacked circles. I had been going to cut 2 of them in half and attach them with duct tape but after reading Terries tutorial I grabbed a needle and thread and made a few stiches to hold it together.

The first thing I made was long snakes leaving the ends fluffy.

1 snakes

Then I made 6 fiber circles. I used about 2 grams of fiber in each of 3 layers for each circle.

2 circles

then I added them to the  stacked resist. I did remember what everyone said about having a hard time where the resists meet at the top and bottom and paid particular attention to that.

3 wrapping the stacks

next was the long snakes.

4 ready to felt

I put those on near the top of the circles.  The next part is not very interesting. rub, rub  rub,  roll, roll, roll. Then cut the hole in the top. I decided the inside wasn’t felted as much as I wanted so I left the resist in and went back to rolling.

5 cut open

after it was all dry I had planed to weave the long snakes around it in an artistic design. Unfortunately weaving really needs to have a odd number of so that didn’t work. I needed to find a solution.

I did these

solution 1 solution 3

or maybe turn it on its head?

solution 4

Last night I took it in to a guild meeting and challenged them to do something with it.

solution 5b solution 2solution 6

solution 7 solution 8

We had artistic twisting, plant hanger, a fancy bun cover, and a bag. We had a great time and lots of laughs, The conclusion was that had I made a great new party game.




23 thoughts on “First Quarter Challenge

  1. That really looks like a complicated process, but it turned out great with so many creative interpretations!

  2. Great job Ann. I think your idea of making the circles of felt first to get more even coverage probably worked better. I like the bun cover best. Looks like Dalai Lama head gear to me although he probably doesn’t even wear head gear. 🙂

  3. “As versatile as an egg,” as they say! So many uses . 🙂 Love it Ann, though not quite sure what the Dalai Lama would think, and a “bun cover” conjures up some US connotations!! We eat buns. 😀

  4. It’s brilliant Ann! I love the weaving idea, you will just have to make another with an odd number of pages! Glad the stitching method worked for you too 🙂

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