Pandagirl’s Year in Review

Pandagirl’s Year in Review

I know I’m late to the party, but I’ve been traveling and have several family affairs looming that need my attention.

I started out in 2014 as a forum member and then in March I was a Global Moderator!  This past year has brought many challenges and delightful learning and wonderful outcomes in terms of felting.

My year started with experiments in dyeing.

2014-01-24 16.29.52

I shared my venture into encaustics.

2014-01-16 11.13.59

Tried my hand at painting with wool.

2014-01-12 12.05.33

Experimented with different wools.

2014-02-07 14.53.01

Participated in the quarterly challenges.

Jackson Pollock - Marilyn

Stewart Stephenson - Marilyn
Stewart Stephenson – Marilyn


Monet 2 after felting
Monet 3rd quarter


2014-10-19 13
Land Art 4th Quarter


Tried framing methods.

burlap 2

I broke down to drum carder envy and began my foray into making batts.  Woo hoo!

2014-11-14 15.15

Cathy and I tried indigo dyeing.

silk and thick n thinMy marketing blogs…

addiction biz cards wool side






I know it’s been awhile, but its more fun felting than marketing…  Sorry.


I taught a felting  class.

Toni and her placemat


There was a period of obsession with pods and vessels.

After rinsing

I ventured into free motion stitching.

moy layout

Then I experimented with embellishments and making a book cover.

finished front

Designing and making a handbag was a huge accomplishment for me.


I  experimented with 3D felting – grapes and flowers.

finished 2

2014-10-29 12.29


I learned a lot of new techniques in Fiona Duthie’s class.

2014-06-03 11.07.12

It was a busy year visiting farms, mills and fairs.

susan democarder back







I made scarves including a cobweb scarf.

2014-10-17 13.45

A big project was a 3D free motion stitched bowl, oh my!

2014-10-28 12.12

Felting a rooster, I learned to combine wet and needle felting.

2014-11-10 16.24

Our holiday exchange was an experiment of combining beading and felting.

2014-10-29 11.47.04

All in all, it’s been a very productive and inspiring year felting. Of course, there were many more projects that were completed.  It has been a wonderful year.  I want to thank all of you for teaching, inspiring me and encouraging me to do and try more.  Thank you!  A special thanks to my fellow moderators and Luvswool (Cathy),  Leonor at Felt Buddies and Nada for pitching in and contributing to the blog.  It’s been a terrific, fun journey.  I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings and what I learn and try!



25 thoughts on “Pandagirl’s Year in Review

  1. You did all that in just one year? Stunning success! My favourite piece is the Monet – I love the colours and it would have a wonderful calming effect in a room.

    1. Thanks Lyn! It’s a favorite of mine as well. However, it’s still sitting in “the” pile. I guess I’d better start thinking about finishing all those pictures. 🙂

  2. I have just started my felting journey, this later year and live the experimenting making flowers, soap, scarves, pillows, mittens, landscape , figures. Methods Wet, neddle, nuno , cobweb. Materials… learning, sharing, teaching and being taught….just loving it….
    I love seeing what you are up to….inspiring
    thanks for sharing.

    Dianne Lemire

    1. Thanks Dianne! Please join us on the forum and share your work. We love pictures and seeing what everyone is creating. It’s inspiring and we learn so much from each other. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your felting journey!

  3. Wow, you did loads in one year, Marilyn! I love your Monet too, and the rooster. Oh, and of course the embellishment fibres and notebook you made 🙂

    1. Thanks Zed! It’s all been fun and a great learning experience. But there is so much more to try! There doesn’t seem to be enough time…

  4. Wow you have been busy this year. You have tried so many different things. Its great you found someone close that you can play share with. It is so much fun and so much more is learned when you felt together.

    1. Thanks Ann! It is great being able to felt with someone else. I’m lucky to have found Cathy and that we’re close enough to get together once a month or so.

  5. You have had quite a year of experimenting and felting and should feel very proud of all your accomplishments! I was very pleased to have shared some of the felting fun with you and have great memories of our visits to the Midwest Fiber & Felting Fair and the Illinois Woolen Mill. Looking forward to another great year of felting fun, experimentation and laughter!

    1. Thanks Cathy! I’m amazed I’ve learned so much this year and yet it seems I’m far behind my fellow felters in terms of trying things. We’ll have to come up with some fun projects together this year. And we can’t forget to mark our calendars for the fairs. Fun and laughs ahead! 🙂

  6. Hello Marilyn, you have a accomplished learning many things in the felting world this past year…everything you have made has been super wonderful.. That I do not thing I could even pick a favorite.. Smile… I was most impressed with your Batts… Smile.

    1. Thanks Judy! Yes, it’s hard to pick favorites especially when you feel you learned a new technique or tried a new project and it turned out well. Making the batts has been fun. I hope you’re enjoying your new carder and will show us what you’ve made. 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing – my favorite is the rooster – wish I had someone living near me to share my felting with especially when I am challenged by something or trying to fix a mistake.

    1. Thanks Frances! It is nice to felt with a friend, but the forum is the next best thing. We’re so glad you joined us. You’ve been very helpful to us. It’s great we have a place to share and learn. We’ve all learned so much from you! You are definitely our resident researcher. 🙂

  8. It’s been a great year. We have appreciated you joining us here at The Felting and Fiber Studio. It is hard to choose a favorite and I actually like to look back and see the progression and growth over the year instead of focusing on a favorite. Looks like you’ve learned heaps 🙂

    1. Thanks Ruth! It’s been wonderful for me. Being part of the forum has kept me focused. I have so much more to learn!

  9. Mar, your year’s work is impressive! When did you get all that time? . I especially liked your free motion stitching, but all of your works were lovely. Congrats on the accomplishment.

    1. Thanks Nancy! Remember I’m retired and I’m doing the things I love to do, just like your painting. I’m sure you’ve accomplished just as much. The free motion stitching is something I’d like to try more of, but there is still so much to learn in felting.

  10. A busy year indeed Marilyn. Lots of lovely work there. I love your grapes, perhaps because I love grapes – as a vine, as a fruit, from a bottle 😉 and of course, hanging on the wall! 🙂
    I look forward to seeing more of your work in 2015.

    1. Thanks Judith! Grapes hold special memories for me. I second all of your likes!

  11. Marilyn,you’ve made a big step forward this last year. Very impressive. What is on your list for this year?

    1. Thanks Nada! I hope this year to catch up with you and try some clothing, slippers and more wall hangings and sculptures in addition to trying to refine my free motion technique. I hope the year is long enough. 🙂

  12. I know a lot of people have already pointed this out, but oh my, you’ve been busy, Marilyn! Well done 😀 I love how you tried so many different techniques and just pushed yourself to go further. And… can I say I have vessel and mill envy now?

    I wish you a superb 2015, with even more crafting and discovering of new things!

    1. Thanks Leonor! I love to experiment so I’m always looking for new things to try. I hope this year will be as productive. But we’re closing in on February already so I’d better get going. 😉

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