A little different angle on the fingerless mitts today. I thought I would how you the shrinkage I get on them. I am using a 23 micron merino for the body of the mitts.fingerless mitt white 1 fingerless mitt flowered 1

The bottom layer is the resist, Next is the mitt when I take it off the resist and then the finished mitt. I think there is more then 30% shrinkage but not 50%. The stems are a single yarn and the flowers are made from prefelt.

There are 2 other pairs without there resists. the stripes are multicoloured merino wool the bluish mitts have a sparkly commercial yarn on them.

fingerless mitt green fingerless mitt blue 1

Tomorrow is blending wool on the carder so I have enough wool to make more. I am down to small amounts of colours and I have no black left.  Just as well we are in for really cold temperatures and then a snowstorm.

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10 Responses to Shrinkage

  1. Lyn says:

    I really like the blue mitts with the sparkly – very seasonal !

    Rather you than me with the approaching snowstorm. Brrr. It’s still mild here – and long may it last.

  2. Marilyn Nelson says:

    I love the flowers too and the blue sparkly.. It’s a lot warmer here but won’t be for long, snow tomorrow, stay warm. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These mitts are really impressive. Especially those flowers. I also love the color on these. I woke up to yet another snow event. This is really unusual for southwest Missouri to get this much snow and cold temps.

    • Thank you Judy. The flowers are fairly easy. If I have time later I will post about it on the forum. We re getting the same storm you are. Its blowing my way. I think its a much bigger problem for you than us. We are used to it.

  4. ruthlane says:

    They do shrink quite a bit Ann. Do you make different sizes? Is the resist floor underlayment?

    • I don’t make definite sizes. Some are a little bigger than the other. But like gloves mostly one size fits all. If you steam them or wet them they can be stretched a little to fit better if needed. some are shorter than others but mostly that’s because when I cut the resist out I usually take a little resist as well and they get shorter over time. Yes I use floor underlay for the resists. Its nice and flexible and lasts along time.

  5. zedster66 says:

    I was impressed with myself for getting two flat pieces of felt almost the exact same size the other day, I don’t know how you manage with two mitts, especially shaping them! 🙂
    It’s been really mild here too, about 13C in the day.

    • Not sure I could do 2 flat peices. but with the mitts they get rolled together and them I fulI and shape one and then work the other till it matches. temperature dropped to -27c with the wind this morning.

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