Stitched Nuno Felted Paper Fabric Lamination Pieces

Stitched Nuno Felted Paper Fabric Lamination Pieces

I finally got around to adding some machine stitching to the nuno felted paper fabric lamination  pieces that I showed you here and here.

Stitched BearHere’s the bear. I started out by just outlining the bear but it hardly even looked like a bear. So I densely stitched the bear with dark brown thread. The background I just added some stitching in the trees with a grey green thread and the fallen tree with two colors of brown thread. The stitching holds the paper fabric lamination part down to the felt since it didn’t stick down during the nuno felting. I plan on making this into a photo album. I have to buy the inside photo album part before I can finish this as I don’t know what size to make it. I will show you the finished album when I get it done.

Photo FeltedThis is the before stitching photo. I definitely think the stitching helps to define the image.

writing in stitchOn the newspaper piece, I decided to stitch words of all the ways you can get your news these days. I used phrases such as twitter feed, news apps, 24/7 cable news, email alerts, search engines etc. Now I have to decide what to do with this one. I am thinking of making a wall hanging perhaps called “Death of the Newspaper”. Because it is small, I think it needs some type of background. Red would be a nice contrast so I looked in my stash of hand dyed fabrics and only came up with two pieces that were even close to red. Much more magenta than red though.

Choice of Background Fabric


Here’s the first one. It isn’t really big enough and seems much too pink for me.

Dyed Burlap + Newspaper?The second one is burlap and I like the color better although it is still very pink. Perhaps I should add more newspaper to the piece? So I put it on a recent paper. Now I’m thinking I need to make a larger piece of laminated paper fabric with newspaper and organza. Hmmm… What do you think? Any ideas or suggestions for me?





19 thoughts on “Stitched Nuno Felted Paper Fabric Lamination Pieces

  1. I like the idea of mounting the newspaper piece onto a piece of laminated paper fabric with newspaper – it looks good in the final photo.

    The dense stitching on the bear is just right and the whole piece is wonderful.

  2. I agree the pink doesn’t work. The laminated newspaper on organza sounds like a great option. It should make the tree pop off the black fiber and look like a featured picture or news story.

  3. I am new and so excited to learn about nuno felting. I have some of these materials so I can try this. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    1. Hi Boom – It is fun to learn about felting. I hope you’ll join us on the forum where it’s easy to ask questions, show your work and learn lots. Just click on the forum button on the side bar here. Enjoy!

  4. They all look great with the stitching added Ruth, the last one really looks good on the newsprint background 🙂

  5. The stitching on both is really great. the bear looks just right, he became the real focal point. I like the newspaper. I wonder how it would be if you put the felt on the newspaper lamination and then mount the whole thing on a red board in the same colour as your stitching.

    1. Thanks Ann. I agree that the background needs more red in the same color as the stitching. I might mount it on red painted canvas or dye more red fabric. I’ll have to see what works best.

  6. Beautiful stitching, as always! I love the layered effect you’ve achieved with the trees behind the bear. And cool idea with the newspaper!

    I’m thinking it will be interesting to experiment with smaller areas of lamination (and even just using the medium itself, maybe in different colours). Something else to add to the post-Christmas experiment list! 🙂

    1. Thanks Kim – yes, smaller areas of lamination seem to work the best. I think you could paint with acrylics instead of medium and it would work. Looking forward to seeing your experiments.

  7. I love both pieces, the bear in particular is very fine. I can’t wait to see the finished cover. Have you considered trying a green background for the newsprint piece? Using. A complimentary colour might throw your red lettering forward creating additional interest… Calling it ” death of the newspaper” is inspired, this may be far too literal but have you considered cutting the black felt into a tombstone shape? I’m in no doubt that the finished piece will be amazing as all of your work is.

    1. Thanks Teri – I will try the green and see how it looks. I hadn’t thought of using a tombstone shape – thanks for the idea. Something else to consider.

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