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Found my Fossil Fish

Found my Fossil Fish

I made the original fossil fish quite a while ago with the process of paper fabric lamination and a silk screen that I created. It didn’t actually turn out that well so I added free motion machine stitching to enhance the paper fabric lamination process. Then I put the fish away in a pile of stuff and completely forgot about it. I decided that it has been hiding in my studio long enough. I needed to finish it.

Here you can see that the fish design is on the white organza ready to be felted. I have a piece of blue prefelt below it that was a left over from some other project. I don’t even remember what type of fiber is used in the prefelt. Not always the best idea when nuno felting but I just decided to go for it.

I spent quite a bit of time rubbing the surface of the organza so the fibers would migrate through.

This is the piece after felting. Some of the organza isn’t really all that well adhered but since it is going to be a wall piece, it doesn’t really matter.

And here’s a closer view when it is still wet.

Here’s the piece dry and framed. Do you have pieces floating around that need to be finished? It’s always nice to get a UFO (unfinished object) out of the studio and completed.

Stitched Nuno Felted Paper Fabric Lamination Pieces

Stitched Nuno Felted Paper Fabric Lamination Pieces

I finally got around to adding some machine stitching to the nuno felted paper fabric lamination  pieces that I showed you here and here.

Stitched BearHere’s the bear. I started out by just outlining the bear but it hardly even looked like a bear. So I densely stitched the bear with dark brown thread. The background I just added some stitching in the trees with a grey green thread and the fallen tree with two colors of brown thread. The stitching holds the paper fabric lamination part down to the felt since it didn’t stick down during the nuno felting. I plan on making this into a photo album. I have to buy the inside photo album part before I can finish this as I don’t know what size to make it. I will show you the finished album when I get it done.

Photo FeltedThis is the before stitching photo. I definitely think the stitching helps to define the image.

writing in stitchOn the newspaper piece, I decided to stitch words of all the ways you can get your news these days. I used phrases such as twitter feed, news apps, 24/7 cable news, email alerts, search engines etc. Now I have to decide what to do with this one. I am thinking of making a wall hanging perhaps called “Death of the Newspaper”. Because it is small, I think it needs some type of background. Red would be a nice contrast so I looked in my stash of hand dyed fabrics and only came up with two pieces that were even close to red. Much more magenta than red though.

Choice of Background Fabric


Here’s the first one. It isn’t really big enough and seems much too pink for me.

Dyed Burlap + Newspaper?The second one is burlap and I like the color better although it is still very pink. Perhaps I should add more newspaper to the piece? So I put it on a recent paper. Now I’m thinking I need to make a larger piece of laminated paper fabric with newspaper and organza. Hmmm… What do you think? Any ideas or suggestions for me?





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