Finished Cuffs

Finished Cuffs

This week has been a snatch a little felting here and there week. The cuffs dried out twice before they where ready to have the marbles added.

I use elastics for doing braids in horse manes and tales to put the marbles into the felt.

cuffs with marbles 1 cuffs with marbles 2

After they are dry its time to cut the tops off and pop out the marbles.

cuffs with marbles 3cuffs finished 2

After I cut the marbles out of this one with the silk on the back it didn’t look right. You cant see the silk inside.

cuffs finished

So I cut the blobs down farther to open them up more and now you can see the silk

cuffs finished 4

Here are all three finished.

cuffs finished 3

They are quit big.

cuffs on 1 cuffs on 2

I pulled the corners on one side of each end to make it cover a lot of area, mostly to see what it would look like. I like it.




15 thoughts on “Finished Cuffs

  1. They are all lovely and look like fun! Did you use roving, prefelt or both along with the silk?

    1. Thanks. Ann. I had seen your original post and didnt make the connection. Duh. Sorry. I will have to try that.

  2. Wow! Those are really impressive Ann. They look like they would work as fascinators (those things you put on your head when you’re going to see the queen) too!

    1. Thanks Ruth. The bubbles are fun to put onto all kinds of things. They take a lot of room the cuffs are 18 inches long before I put the marbles in.

  3. They are all lovely Ann! The dark edging is very effective.

    I also like them before you cut the marbles out – do you think it would work with polystyrene balls that you could leave in?

    1. Thanks Lyn. I like the dark edges too. There are a couple I left and the one that acts as the button on all of them. They have felt balls in them. if you are looking for a wearable weapon use the marbles. They are really heavy. Just in case you have to go to some seedy part of London. :O)

  4. I saw these in a large piece of landscape artwork at our art museum. She had incorporated them into some rocks on a sea shore. I wondered how she did that. Very effective color combinations.

  5. Wow they are beautiful. Could you explain to me why you mentionned that the cuffs dried out twice. Do you meen that you did in the first place the felted cuff and then put the marbles on and felted again? So that would be twice?
    I love you cuffs Ann. Thanks for your infos.

    1. Thank you. It took me a week to get them felted and fulled down. I would do a bit then have to leave it for one reason or the other. so it would dry out by the time I got back to it the next day and I would have to wet it again. They do have to be wet when you put the marbles in.

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