My Second Entry into the Weather Felting Challenge.

My Second Entry into the Weather Felting Challenge.

I was tidying up after making something else and had a pile of green trimming. With Zed’s felt scraps post still fresh in my mind they looked like branches to me. I think I must be in a tree mood. I used prefelt for the back ground because I didn’t have any scrap black felt and I wanted to get on with making the pictures and not with felt making.


I used the edge of an off cut in very pale blue piece of felt for the snow and a very thin edge piece for the clouds and moon. its hard to see but I layered the snow pieces on  2 of the pictures to see if it would give more depth after felting. i have never had much luck wet felting finished felt to semi felted pieces but after some rubbing and rolling it all went together really well. I am quit pleased with how they turned out.

There is more depth in the layered pieces. It doesn’t show well bit it does make the snow look more dimensional.  They still need ironing to straighten up the edges. They are a bit to big to use on cards. I think they might look nice side by side in a long frame.

So now I have answered Zed question what do you do with your scraps.

14 thoughts on “My Second Entry into the Weather Felting Challenge.

  1. Very pretty way to use scraps – in the picture of all three, I like the top one best. I like the way you’ve alternated the greens too.

    Why not take a good photo of your favourite to use as an image to print onto cards?

  2. I think this is a great idea. I was just cleaning the studio and started picking scraps up off the the floor and cutting table. In no time I had a little collage that could become a finished piece. I plan to make up a bunch of these little mini masterpieces for fundraisers.

  3. They look great, Ann. I wasn’t expecting you’d re-felt them and I was wondering how the black prefelt would hold up to machining 🙂
    They worked out really well.

  4. Thanks Zed, the stuff I used was really thin even doubled. I don’t think it would hold up to being a background without felting it. I don’t think the thicker stuff I have would work either it is very stretchy before getting felted. You have to be careful cutting it or you take it out of shape.

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