Felt Cuffs and Hats

Felt Cuffs and Hats

My last post showed you some bubble samples I made when visiting my friend Maureen. This time I will show you what we did with them. The first thing we did was try some wrist cuffs. We both used the same colours. They were two scrap pieces of pre felt that Maureen had. We felted them together and down to 22 inches long. The bubbles will bring them to a good length for around your wrist.


I won’t show you all the steps of felting and putting the marbles in but as you can see it was done in the sun on the patio with a glass of wine. We are not all work and no play. In the right hand picture you can see the marble inside the bubble I just cut open.


Here they are on and in the right hand picture you can see we left one bubble uncut. It acts as the button to fasten the cuff around your wrist. We put a felt ball in that one.  That was a success so we decided to do hats.


Here you can see the resist and the size of the finished hat with the marbles in it. On the right is Maureen with hers on. They are still wet at this point. We ran them through her laundry spinner and they were dry in the sun in an hour.


By then we had eaten dinner and it was back out the deck for a glass of wine and cutting. Here we are wearing them and a close up of mine so you can see the cut bubbles better. I stretched the large bubble after I cut it open to really show off the contrasting colours.

We had a great couple of days together felting and enjoying the weather. I have to say her husband was great he did most of the cooking and all of the clean up.

17 thoughts on “Felt Cuffs and Hats

  1. I love your hats. It appears that there is a bow on the green hat. Is it stitched on? Is there a tutorial for the hats?

    The cuffs are lovely also!

    Many thanks

  2. Looks like you had fun. Those wrist cuffs are quite elaborate looking and it’s really cool how you made the clasp with an uncut ball. You both look quite stylish in your hats. And where do you order a husband that does all the cooking and cleaning?

  3. Her husband sounds like a star!

    The cuffs are pretty and leaving one bubble for a clasp is a great idea.

    The hats are so good and practical as well – they make you look elegant and they will keep you warm in the winter.

  4. Thanks everyone. People at the fiber festival last weekend liked both the hats and the cuffs. I will try to take more pictures with the next hat I make so I can show you how I put the balls in. other then the shape and adding the marbles there isn’t much more to it. My husband will cook but none of us are good at the clean up.

  5. Sooooper!! Love them! I’m off to buy some marbles – no prizes for guessing what for!

    I already have the other essentials – a well trained husband and some wine in the rack – oh yes and I have some fibre too! :0)

  6. What fun…and you made such terrific projects!! Making felt with a friend while drinking wine sounds like the perfect day to me, and with the addition of a ‘cooking and dish-washing husband’?!?! Even better!! XXO-

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