Summer knitting (but Summer isn’t cooperating)

Summer knitting (but Summer isn’t cooperating)

They tell me it’s Summer already. To be honest, I haven’t noticed… I know most of you reading after this post is published might be complaining about how hot it is, but I can inform you I’m currently writing this with a jacket on.

Ah, Scottish Summer…

I had lots of lovely knitting projects in mind for the warmer months of the year, two of which involved making some season-appropriate tops to wear when the sun was out. This would be my first time knitting something Summer-specific and I was very excited about the prospect.

Have I mentioned “Ah, Scottish Summer” yet?

Anyway, since there’s no view to wear these lovely makes anytime soon, I thought I’d share them anyway so you can at least boost my ego and tell me they’re lovely. Ready?

Ripple Halter by Jessie Maed Designs in neon yellow, on a hanger against a white door
Ripple Halter by Jessie Maed Designs

In another blog post where I mentioned being brave enough to unravel my knitting without a lifeline, this halter top appeared briefly. I finally finished it! Just in time to enjoy it on a hanger instead of on my person… (this is knit in merino wool but it’s still too cool for the current weather, at least for me!)

My other fun knit is not quite finished yet… but my brain being what it is and hating an unfinished project, I can’t move on to another until this one is done – even if I know I won’t wear it anytime soon.

Gelato Tank Top on a hanger against a white door
Gelato Tank Top by Gabrielle Vézina

Note the knitting needles on the bottom! The white strip is some leftover yarn I used as a lifeline in case I wanted to frog the whole thing back (which I will, because I want a couple more rounds of stocking stitch before the edging).

Closeup of Gelato Tank Top lace front panel

I mainly knit this tank top for the front lace panel, which I thought looked fun. The yarn I knit it with is a linen blend, very soft and perfect for warmer weather.

Some of you might be reading this and saying, “But Leonor, you can wear these with a jacket, what’s the problem?” And you’d be right, that’s definitely an option. However, considering how windy it’s been in Edinburgh, I’ll want to button up the jacket, which will hide the layer underneath.

I guess I’m just grumpy this Summer has been nothing like I planned and want some commiserating 🙂

What about you, any fun plans for the season? Share them with the in the comments section so I can live vicariously! And, thanks for reading.

17 thoughts on “Summer knitting (but Summer isn’t cooperating)

  1. Great tank tops Leonor, and yes, I was about to suggest some layering needed to happen so you could wear them. It has been warm and dry here but we finally had some rain last night so hopefully that will stave off some of the forest fires that have been developing. I am visiting Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada this summer. Haven’t been there before but it’s supposed to be a great place to visit. I know it’s been warm and dry there too so better than the Scottish cold summer you are having. Hope it warms up in August for you 🙂

    1. Thanks, Ruth! I do hope the fires end soon. My heart aches every Summer thinking of them, in Portugal it’s such a regular occurrence that police actually asked journalists not to show as many images during the News so it wouldn’t excite pyromaniacs! 😮

      I hope your visit to Salt Spring Island goes swimmingly! 😀

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your dashed plans, but your halters are lovely. The details are outstanding!

    I have just finished my first Cocoknits Method sweater pattern “Mabel.” Julie Weisenberger, the designer behind Cocoknits, started designing in the fashion industry. Her easily achieved sweater method’s, result in perfect results. My sweater turned out so nice, I am ready to start another!

    If you have the yarn (😉 I know you do!) and want to make a warmer sweater, I can hook you up, with the Everlasting Knit Along online, from across the pond. Easy peasy!

    1. Isn’t September supposed to be the best month for weather in Scotland? At least that’s what I’ve heard. I hope you get the chance to wear your knits then. Perhaps you can show us you modelling them? I’d like to see what the yellow one looks like on, because I was a little worried that it might show more of you than you want. It’s difficult to visualise what it looks like with a body inside it, though knowing what your previous knits look like, I’m sure it will be wonderful.

    2. Thanks, Capi! I do love how they came out, but I’ve lost hope of wearing them “as is” this year 🙂

      You need to show us your Mabel! Isn’t it lovely when you knit something and it looks just right? 😀

      Ooh, when is the KAL? I might take you up on it!

    3. Ann, I think the best month is usually June (at least in my limited experience living here so far). September is usually already feeling a little like Autumn, and even some trees start yellowing!

      The yellow top is very nice, but I’ll let you in on a secret: I had to buy nipple covers so I could wear the halter without any er, “showing-through issues…” I could put it on and share it on my social media for you to see!

  3. Your knitting is beautiful Leonor! Love the sun-shiny colour of the first one and the lace pattern on the second one – hope to see it finished. Be patient – September usually brings lovely weather so you will get to wear them.

    1. Thanks, Lyn! That yellow makes my heart very happy (and it makes me want to visit a place with UV light just to make it glow!)

      I’m currently tinking back the last few rows of the bottom of the lace top because I ran out of yarn, but I’m hoping to be done tonight 🙂

      As for September… who knows? I’ve yet to experience a warm one since moving here, but this might be the year! 😀

  4. Love them both Leonor! The first brings to mind warm summer days, perhaps even café society as you sip your latte (or something stronger!) and people watch. The second is a real classic and I love the intricate panel in the front. Be assured they will get their moment in the sun but you may have to travel a bit further south for that.

    If it’s any consolation, you are sharing your weather with us here. Our driveway was totally flooded yesterday and we had a torrential downpour just now. (the sun is shining again). But spare a thought for the residents of one apartment building in Dublin who went to bed on Friday night to find that they could not access the underground car park as it was completely flooded to roof height by Saturday morning. A freak happening I understand where a subterranean river burst its banks and flooded upwards. Check out the photo here.

    By the way, two things. Apologies for the recent silent, I am getting back into the swing of things now that I have been fitted with my second bionic lens and can see again. Secondly I purchased two pattern books by Nani Iro. I was thinking of you when I made a pair of the trousers and a top for the summer – both still unworn, great accurate patterns – you might like to check them out if you haven’t already got them!
    Helene x

    1. You’re right, Hélène! I’ll probably need to travel to the Algarve to be able to wear the tops… although I’m sure I’d then complain about it being too hot to wear any type of wool!

      Goodness me, that photo is scary! I hope no one had any valuables in that car park (although the cars themselves must’ve been completely damaged as well…)

      I hope you’re getting along with the new lens! “Bionic lens” sounds so futuristic, I love it 😀

      Ooh, I did an online search for the books and will definitely check them out, thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Gorgeous knitting, Leonor, I’m so in awe of your skills (being unable to do anything other than plain knit & pearl). The UK weather has indeed been unusually bad this July & August but it’s entirely possible that there will be a minor heat wave before autumn sets in – unpredictability being the most predictable aspect of our weather. Fingers crossed you’ll get a little wear from them soon.

    1. Thanks, Lindsay! I promise lace knitting is easier than all the lovely felt art you create, you’d be great at it 😀

      Fingers crossed for some better weather so I can at least take some nice outdoor photos wearing the new garments…

    1. Thanks, Ann! Don’t envy it, it’s a pain – I literally spent a day knitting and frogging the last rows of the grey top just to get all the yarn I could out of it (for no other reason than “I want to…”) 😉

    2. Ann, I was going to say “you win” but today I finally tried on the grey tank top and found the bottom to be too long and the bind-off too narrow! *I spent hours doing something I now must undo.* Ah well 😀

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