A new life for a coat.

A new life for a coat.

Another clothing post from me this time.

I found this coat in a charity shop. It is a long/mid calf length coat from a UK/British designer, the label has ‘Out of Exile’ on the tag inside the coat. I was not aware of this design label, but on checking with Mr Google, this brand does make desirable items of clothing and, are expensive to buy new. I paid £5. The coat had a good weight, and is probably a viscose mix fabric. Please excuse this photo, it is the only photo showing the coat length that I managed to keep on my phone. I probably need lessons in photographing black fabric!

This coat is destined for No 1 grand daughter – she loves dark/black clothes and loves a ‘Goth’ image. I showed the coat to my daughter and she liked it too, and agreed that grand daughter would love it.

When I inspected the coat, I could see very little damage. There was a little tear at the back, and the buttons were a little loose. The damage looked to be easily fixable. No 1 grand daughter loves a hood, so I did have to think about how to make and attach one, I do have a large hood on my raincoat, so I made a pattern from that.



To repair the tear at the back, I used a piece of ‘grunge’ red cotton fabric. I cut a diamond shape and stitched that to the coat using a blanket stitch also in red embroidery floss. The coat is unlined, so I used a little black interfacing at the back of the tear. I cut two more diamond shapes of the red fabric and attached one to each pocket flap using a blanket stitch. I loved the effect of the three patches on the coat.


The coat has beautiful black shiny oval shaped buttons, and all were intact – no marks or scratches seen. I restitched the buttons using the red embroidery floss, and then restitched the button holes using the same thread. I added some black stabiliser to the rear of the buttons for strength. There was a little weakness there, but no tears were visible.


Fabric for the hood was very troublesome to find. Who knew that there could be so many shades of black? Anyway, I did find some that I was happy with – a dress from the charity shop, that had a lace overlay. I used the lace to make a outer layer of the hood, same pattern as the hood. I am so very happy with the coat and it’s new look, even though the photos don’t do it justice. I managed to salvage enough lace to attach a little frill to the cuffs as a finishing touch.



I am sorry that some of my photos are not of better quality, the model was less than enthusiastic on the day, and occasionally she is just not keen on modelling clothes for her Mum.

I do love mending clothing, and trying to fix a problem area on an item of treasured clothing that has been well made, rather than consigning it to the waste bin. Thank you for reading.



24 thoughts on “A new life for a coat.

  1. Absolutely gorgeous: an already lovely garment that you’ve improved hugely with your stitching. You make it all sound effortless too, though there’s actually a lot of skill in your adaptations. Love it.

  2. Isn’t it amazing what some people throw away as useless or spoiled, when someone else can see past the original problem and find ways of solving it. I think you’ve done a grand job with this, and I love the hood. Perhaps your grand daughter would let you have a picture of her wearing it, no doubt with much style.

    1. Thank you Ann, I will definitely get some photos of her wearing it on my next trip up to Glasgow.

  3. Fantastic fix! I’m glad that lovely jacket got a second life. We goths don’t enjoy modelling too much because it might make us look too jolly (hehe) 😉

    1. Thank you Leonor, got to agree with your comment too!!!!!!!!! I will persuade her next time I visit!!!!!!!!!

  4. Fabulous! This jacket will now get many more years of use and surely be a wardrobe staple. Well done.

  5. When I saw the quality of the coat I just had to check out the label Marie. I cannot believe anyone would put such a beauty into a charity shop. Their loss is definitely your gain!
    You have done amazing work transforming this piece into a very wearable coat. Grand daughter no. 1 will be the envy of all her friends though being goths, I am not sure how that is expressed! GD No.2 is secretly delighted with her new coat (she looks gorgeous and gorgeous in it!)
    I love what you did with the buttons and the button holes too. It really fits in with the overall design.
    Great result!
    Helene x

  6. Thank you Helene.I was so lucky finding that coat that day, and I don’t think the coat had been on the rail long either. I really enjoyed doing it too.

  7. We all like to be an original in some respect. I don’t like to see myself “coming and going” in the same clothes others buy too. Granddaughter #1 will definitely be an original in this very nicely embellished coat. Great job, Marie. I love your creativity! Allie

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