The Winners and a Start to a New Landscape

The Winners and a Start to a New Landscape

We had quite a response to our recent tenth anniversary giveaway post with over 175 comments. We’d love to hear from you more often on our regular posts.

The winners were drawn by random number generator and the choice of prize was given on number generated first through last of the 178 comments.

#1 – Kristina wins an online class of her choice.

 Kristina says:

Thank you for the continuous inspiration and sharing so many skills! I’d love to take the Free Motion Machine Stitching on Felt course.

#2 – Linda Prine wins a sari silk pack.

 linda prine says:

If I win, I choose the sari silk. Thanks, Linda Prine

#3 – Cate Lake Thompson wins an online class of her choice. 

 Cate Lake-Thompson says:

Congrats are due for this 10 year anniversary! Wonderful posts!
I would love to learn free motion stichery on felt.

#4 – Debbie Loveland wins a sari silk pack.

 Debbie Loveland says:

Happy 10th, FFS! I have been enjoying your posts for the last few years. Thank all of you who share your talent. I wish FFS continued success! I would love to win one of the classes. Print, Stencil and Play with Thickened Dye on Felt looks particularly interesting.

#5 – Shoshana Avramovitz wins a sari silk pack.

 Shoshana Avramovitz says:

Congrats on ten years Ruth!!!
Your posts are always such I highlight for me I so appreciate you 💕
I would love the Sari silk as I have been inspired by your work, to try new things:)
Hope to be here with you for the next ten years
Hugs Shoshana 🤗

Congratulations to all of the winners. We will contact you directly by email to get your information and send your prize.

Now on to what I have been working on. The photo on the left shows one of the nuno backgrounds that I made a while ago that has been waiting for further embellishment. I decided I wanted to use the photo on the right of weeping birch as inspiration. Now to find some fabric that I could applique to the background. I went through my entire stash and found absolutely nothing that would work. What to do? Then I was looking through the silk that I use for nuno felting and realized that I still had a piece of the same fabric. The original background was felted on to black prefelt. What if I used the same fabric and felted it on to white prefelt? That should give me trees that would work with the background but still have enough difference that the trees would stand out. I considered covering a larger piece of prefelt with the silk and then cutting the trees out after felting. But what if I cut the prefelt into tree shapes and then covered with the silk fabric and felted? A new experiment in felting to try!

I cut out the trees free hand, hoping for the best. Isn’t the difference in the background to the original fabric astonishing? The black wool really migrates through and changes the colors and values. The photo on the right shows how I cut the silk to “fit” the tree shapes. I left a border of silk to wrap around to the back side of the prefelt.

I then began felting the silk into the prefelt trees. I did rough up the prefelt a bit with a brush to get good migration of wool through the silk. I did quite a bit of rubbing and minimal fulling. I had given myself a bit of extra room for shrinkage, but not enough for complete fulling. since this is a piece of wall art, I wasn’t worried about the trees not being completely fulled. They just needed to hold together enough for me to stitch them down once dry.

The photo on the left shows the felted trees laying on the background. They have been appliqued down in the right photo. I used a medium value tan thread and the tiny stitches are hardly visible. I have also started adding a couched branch on the right hand tree. This is as far as I have gotten so far.

Here’s a closer look at the stitched branches. There will be more of this type of branch added to the left hand tree as well. I used bullion stitch to make the little seed poddy things at the end of the branches. I will probably add a few more thread colors to the branch.

I haven’t decided yet whether the trees are too much of a contrast from the background. I am considering adding some shading with grey on one side of the tree trunks for shadows most likely done with paint. I am going to add more small branches before I decide. What do you think?


19 thoughts on “The Winners and a Start to a New Landscape

  1. Looking good Ruth. As you say, the two fabrics look amazingly different but because they are actually the same they are harmonious. Is this going to be a slow stitching project or are you going to work on it in large “bites”? At first sight I don’t think lots of stitching in the background will work as well with this picture, but on thinking again I may be wrong there.
    Looking forward to the next instalment.

    1. Thanks Ann! I have been working on this project in larger bites although I am using hand stitching. It’s going pretty quickly. I am not planning on adding anything else to the background. Just adding couched branches and perhaps shading on the tree trunks.

    1. Thanks! I am working on the branches now but will probably add some shading to the trunks. And yes, I agree, the wool color definitely makes a difference.

  2. I love what you have done here with the values. The silks provide the same colour and the prefelt, the value difference. Apart from being lovely, this is a great lesson piece! I am excited to see what you decide with shading, and how you will incorporate it… thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Deb! I do like using the wool color to create contrasting values. It works really well and is an easy way to get definite contrast in a piece. I am working on the branches now but will decide what to do about the shading soon. More to come!

  3. Interesting trees. Around here there are groups of trees that are full of dead leaves. So that is another thing to consider… not all trees end up totally bare in winter. Some are full of brown try leaves.

    1. Thanks Carlene. I love trees and they are a reoccurring theme in my work. Dead leaves sounds like a great addition for a piece. I probably won’t add any to this piece but it sounds like a great inspiration for another piece.

  4. I think kudos! This project is so incredible with so many layers I can’t wrap my brain around it! I will have to grow into it! Will take study.

    BTW, the makers on this forum leave me speechless and provide inspiration with every visit.

    1. Thanks Barbara, I love layering in a piece as it gives a more natural feel. It is fun to try new things and see what happens. So I hope you jump in and give these ideas a try.

      Thanks for your compliment, we do have loads of awesome creators that contribute to this site.

  5. Congratulation to all the winners in the anniversary competition. I am sure you will all enjoy the bounty.

    I love this work Ruth, I think the trees may be ok without any shading? There are some really white silver birch trees with white bark, around me that look stunning and quite ghostly in certain lighting, so maybe something added to the background? The couched branch definitely adds interest.

    1. Thanks Marie, I agree that the trees might not need any shading. I do like the white shining through. That’s why I’m adding the branches first and then I will decide.

  6. Congratulations to the winners of our anniversary giveaway.

    The trees look great. A little shading will give them more depth but they may not need it. So far I like it. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it. I know you said that you were not going to add anything to the background but maybe something in the bottom right corner?

    1. Thanks Ann, the piece looks really different with the additional branches. I don’t think it will need much else but I will reserve judgement for now.

  7. Congratulations to the winners!

    I really like the way the trees look against the background. I will confess though, I’m not too sure on the branches, they look too different from the main tree, if that makes sense… they do look great in and of themselves.

    1. Thanks Leonor! I understand how you feel about the branches. It looks better now with more branches. I will post an update soon.

  8. Oh, what a wonderful surprise to be one of the winners! It made my day. I look forward to learning from the class. As I do with each one of your posts! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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