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Ribbon Embroidery

Ribbon Embroidery

I recently  bought a book on Silk Ribbon Embroidery.  I saw something on Pinterest and it caught my interest.

I thought I had some silk ribbon but couldn’t find it. If I did, I would have had to dye it anyways.  So, I decided to use regular satin ribbon just to see how well it worked.

I originally wanted to use a  cotton type doily that I had dyed with indigo several years ago.  But no matter what size needle I tried I couldn’t get the ribbon thru the tight weave.

I purchased some cotton/linen material and used that instead.

I was concentrating so much on the technique I forgot to take pics at each step.  It was a bit harder than it looked. No surprise I chose Irises.

I used the Daisy stitch to make the Iris flowers.  The trick is to use the needle to position and fluff out the flowers and leaves.  I used my own design, so I tried to make each flower unique.

The stems were next.  I used some green floss that I positioned pulling it thru at each end, then couched the stem with the same color floss to give a bit of texture.

After I added the leaves, I felt something was missing. Then I added a bit of a bulb under each flower. The final touch was to add a little acrylic yellow paint for the beard on the petals.

The next challenge was to frame it.  Since the ribbon was so brightly colored, I wanted a more subtle mat.  I tried several and settled on a pale green with light specks.  I had to wrap the cloth around a board and secure it with double sided tape before putting the backing on.  That proved to be tricky getting the flowers centered in the mat. The picture colors are not true, the wall is a pale yellow, the mat a pale green.


Here are some closeups:

Then I caught a little sunlight on the couch which gives a different perspective.

In the future, I may make a series of flower pics and try the silk ribbon which I think will be a bit easier to work with.  But I’m pleased with the result even though at times the ribbon was a bit unruly.

Have you tried any new techniques lately?


Pandagirl’s 1st Quarter Challenge 2017

Pandagirl’s 1st Quarter Challenge 2017

Last month Ruth Lane announced the 1st Quarter Challenge focusing on Fauvism. If you missed it, you can read about it here: 

I had a  hard time deciding what to do and looked through a lot of photos and pictures for inspiration.  Finally, I came across an old postcard from Hawaii of a ship on the sea under dark skies that intrigued me.

I decided I would concentrate on bold colors and simplified forms.   Here is my layout:


I used prefelts I had previously made and batts I had on hand. Please ignore my messy work table.  It’s hard to tell from the monitor, but the sail next to the green one is a teal color.  Here it looks blue. Also the dark blue boom above the body of the boat got lost because of the blue water. I didn’t notice that when I laid it out.

After felting:


I probably should have stopped fulling sooner.  I had used a Domestic 56 base so it needed shaving.  I couched some yarn for the masts and used yellow thread for the halyards (I believe that is the correct for the ropes connected.)

I decided to frame it.  I had an old frame I had used for papermaking and it fit perfectly.


I’m not sure if this is in true Fauvist style, but I was pleased with the result.  Have you started the challenge yet?


Ginkgo Anyone?

Ginkgo Anyone?

A while back I dyed some silk and wool experimenting with making browns with acid dyes.


I wasn’t sure what I’d use it for, but I fell in love with the coppery silk habatoi.  I made batts with the wool.


I had purchased some alpaca yarn this summer and wasn’t sure what I would do with it.  For some reason it called to me even though it’s not my typical color way. But putting it next to the cooper silk, I had to come up with something to do with it.


I made felt base and placed the silk over it to nuno felt.  I still wasn’t sure how I would attach the yarn.  But then Ruth posted a blog about couching. Bingo!



I decided to make gingko leaves using the couching method of attaching the yarn.

It was a long process. I first had to outline the shape with stitching ( I tried white pencil and other pens, but this worked best.)


Then I pinned the yarn to the shape and began the couching process.  Because the yarn was variegated it created some interesting color contrasts along with the variegated nuno background.

20160109_161041Then used straight stitching for the veins.

20160113_122100The yarn was two ply and I thought that the veins for the secondary leaves should be less obvious so I separated them to make the veins  ( long process). Here is the progress –

20160123_152845 20160123_152917 20160123_152812

Why gingko?  I like the shape and also have a metal vase in my bedroom water closet that has the gingko leaves embossed on it.  I thought this would  tie the picture together with the vase.

20160124_125700The wall color is a purple haze which I thought would be a nice contrast.  while the leaves aren’t perfect, I’m pleased with the result.

What new fun projects are you working on?




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