Bits and Bobs.

Bits and Bobs.

I got my dryer balls and my soap done and it is now up at the museum store. the dryer balls have information on how to use them on the back and the tag explains them as well.

A few weeks ago a friend at the guild was selling off left over yarn he bought to do a project that was now finished. I bought these. They are all singles form Brigs and Little. Some are solid and some are heathered.

I decided to use the yellow to make the design on a dark purple hat. I had to partially felt the hat before wrapping the yarn around it. it would have been to difficult to do it sooner.

I am quite happy with how it turned out. the sides dip a bit but I think it looks ok anyway.

11 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs.

  1. The packaged dryer balls and soaps look great Ann – no wonder you have to keep making new stock.
    The yarn makes a pretty and interesting pattern on your hat and the hat shape is lovely.

  2. I really like the design on the hat. I have not yet attempted one, I am working up to it. The soaps and dryer balls look terrific!

  3. Great packaging for the dryer balls and soap. They should be snapped right up. The hat is lovely and I love the simplicity of the yarn design, it looks great with the hat.

  4. You have been very busy Ann with great looking products and the yarn design on your hat is very effective.
    I’m sure all of us were squirrels in another life – we are seduced by colour and texture and the ‘what if I just….’ factor!

  5. I so enjoy this site. A hotbed of stimulating ideas to get me going again. Question: I’ve felted lots of soap bars but have not found the felt shrinks much at all as the soap shrinks. Help me with what I’m missing! Last question: I don’t use this site like I could cause I can never find the login spot so go away until the next time I decide to tackle it then I go away again. I do have a password but just can’t find where to enter it. I am sure it is me.

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