Inflicting Fibre Arts on Unsuspecting Relatives; Part 2 the Photos.

Inflicting Fibre Arts on Unsuspecting Relatives; Part 2 the Photos.

Inflicting Fibre Arts on Unsuspecting Relatives; Part 2 the Photos.  

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We had a busy enjoyable visit with Glenn’s Parents, his brother Grant, Grants’ Wife Marg and one of their daughters, Jennifer. I had brought fibre arts with me to continue their indoctrination to Fibre Arts! I lured them in with Wellington fibre on the spinning wheel and colourful top spun on the DIY Turkish drop spindles. Then furthered the temptation by showing Jennifer (who would show her sister Fiona) the addiction that is portable Kumihimo on a Card stalk disk!


The final fibre arts supplies I had brought with me were for picture felting. We were going to check out the back yard and gardens to make a 5×7 sized piece to commemorate our visiting. Unfortunately we had too much fun visiting including with Bob and his wife Judy (Bob is another one of Glenn’s many brothers). I didn’t realize we were going to run out of time but I did the inspirational photography for the felt pictures.


When we realize our time was up Jennifer and I had a chat reviewing;

  1. Blocking out the composition with permanent markers.
  2. How to lay down layers of colours in thin layers like a water colour painting.
  3. How to mix colours exact to the photo reference like acrylic painting.
  4. (And to keep your fingers away from the pointy end)


She had just enough room in her suitcase for 2 pieces of felt and a selection of needles. The rest of her suit cases space was stuffed with Canadian Delicacies such as Ketchup potato chips and exotic chocolate bars not available in the USA. (Poor Americans don’t have Butter tarts, salt and vinegar chips, or real sweet tarts!!! As soon as the rest of the Americans realized their loss they will all immigrate to Canada! Just don’t mention the amount of snow we also have.)


I know my felting friends missed out on all the grate chatting and visiting but maybe you would be interested in some inspirational shots from my Mother in law’s garden. This year it was particularly impressive. We even had a parade of wild life some of which I am sorry that I missed (the extra-large raccoon and the extra cute rabbit). I hope you enjoy them as much as we did while we were there.  Some small part of one of the shots I hope will inspire you in your wet, dry or even damp (well what else could we call wet and dry felting used together?)  felting of the future.

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The Plants of My Mother-in-Lawes Gardern 2019


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Some of the Wild Life in Mary’s Garden

I think it would be a good addition to your fiber arts tool kit to include a note/sketch book to capture ideas before you get distracted by the next great idea and an easily portable digital camera with the most megapixels you can afford. Going for high megapixels allows you to zoom in after you have taken the shot. Using the camera to frame and capture the world around you can make you see your surroundings in a different way.  A back yard that has become “just the backyard” can be transformed by the camera and some interesting lighting into a Garden, an adventure or serious inspiration for your future artistic works.

I want to chat more about photos as reference and inspiration in the near future but I hope these will send you off to grab your camera and explore your surroundings.

6 thoughts on “Inflicting Fibre Arts on Unsuspecting Relatives; Part 2 the Photos.

  1. It’s a shame you ran out of time, but the garden photos are wonderful. They’re a good source of inspiration and reference for felting.

    Your new description ‘damp felting’ perfectly describes the combination of wet and dry!

    1. Thanks! i was vary optimistic with all the things i brought with me but i sent Jennifer home with needles and the background felt then sent her the photos so i am hopeful she and Fiona will try there hand at picture felting. i wonder which shot they will chose?
      i wonder if damp felting will stick for what to call the combination of wet and dry felted pieces which is seen in quite a few felt landscape or pictures?

  2. Thanks for the inspiration Jan. Your mother-in-law’s garden is impressive. I take photos nearly every day and keep a sketch book of ideas. It’s great to be able to go back through them when I am looking for what to do next.

    1. Your very welcome i hope that one of the shots may spark an idea and get someone rushing off to the studio or small creative space.
      Marys garden was particularly spectacular this year. she is 91 and has not been as active in puttering in it as she had been in the past but still enjoys it immensely. so did the rest of us!
      i find that my ideas come in waves. there always seems to be more ideas then i can accomplish at once so its best to rite them down in case the tide is out and im looking for a new idea later.

    1. Yes its easy to get distracted when you have good company you haven’t seen in a few years. We sat out and chatted and enjoyed the garden (i even got a sunburn!). we will have to drive west and bring the wheel and some more felting supplys. maybe the summer after next. since next summer is a blacksmithing conference again. i wonder how many fiber stores i can find between Ontario and California?

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