Nuno Felting Class

Nuno Felting Class

Hi all, sorry for being late I am a day behind in my week. Probably to make up for me thinking it was Sunday all Saturday.
This last week end I taught a lovely group of ladies how to make nuno felt scarves.
This is what the set up looks like just before the students arrive.

After everyone picks their scarf blank and the main colours for their scarf they got down to laying out their patterns.

Here they are a little farther along.

After adding all their embellishments it was on to rubbing and rolling

and then the fun of throwing to finish the fulling

Here are everyone’s scarves front and back

This last picture on the right is a close up of the silk hanky flowers that were added to one end of this scarf. the look great but will look better when they dry. They will lighten up and some hidden silk will show up. I never get to see them dry. It was A good class and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Have you given or taken a class lately?



7 thoughts on “Nuno Felting Class

  1. That’s a wonderful space to hold workshops in – we’ve been to some really cramped places!
    All the scarves look lovely – pretty colours and patterns.
    The action shot of the throwing is great!

  2. I agree with Lyn, you have a lovely space to teach. I wish there was something around here that nice. Looks like everyone had fun. I am in the midst of my art and design class as you probably know. One of my favorite things to do, learn!

  3. Lovely scarves and great pictures, Ann. Looks like fun. I’ve made the odd nuno scarf but I don’t have a big enough table, even at home, so I have to roll the ends and work in sections which is a pain. I wish I was nearer as I’d definitely come along to the class!

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