Recent Pieces:

Recent Pieces:

I finally got photos of the piece I showed being laid out a couple of weeks ago. It was dark purple in the middle with black at each end, and I used lots of different natural fibres on it:

I like these photos on an angle:

I think this was tussah silk:

And this is soy fibre:

My friend had some hair ‘decoration’ things that she was throwing away after using, so I thought I would see how they felted 🙂 She had plaited (braided) them into her hair, I forgot to ask if they came wavy or not. I used some wool tops I got in a bag of Botany Lap waste. It’s a natural grey colour, but has the odd bit of Angelina fibre blended in. I couldn’t see any, though:

You can see better from this angle how they attached:

Where it was thinner/spread out it really blended in:

I liked how it looked where it was thicker:

I don’t know what the wool is, it’s really soft, and the colours look like a blend of grey and oatmeal Bluefaced Leicester. This is the back:

But the edges are like a breed with curlier locks:

Have you tried any new or unusual fibres or embellishments lately?

9 thoughts on “Recent Pieces:

    1. Thanks, Leonor 🙂
      Yeah, I’ve done cobweb felting (as I’ve always known it) a few times. Some by accident!

  1. The first piece is really nice, I like how you can see the differences in the various fibers. What do you think the hair decoration is made out of? I haven’t used any unusual embellishments in a long time. Not much time for any felting at all 🙁

    1. Thanks, Ruth 🙂
      I don’t know about the hair decoration, it feels more plasticy than nylon. If I do any dyeing, I’ll test it.
      Same here, the well being centre is the only time I’ve got chance lately.

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