Continuing Slow Stitching

Continuing Slow Stitching

I am still stitching away on my landscape piece. I had the background mountains stitched down the last time I showed it to you.

I then got the middle distance hills stitched down. This fabric was a bit harder to stitch as it wasn’t as felted and tended to fray. But I persevered.

Then I got the two pieces in the foreground stitched down so all of the landscape is now in place. Now to decide what to add.

First I tested the moon. I didn’t want to cut the fabric if I wasn’t going to use it so I pinned it into a sort of circle. You’ll just have to imagine it being really round. Then I tried some wispy clouds. Then since our challenge this quarter is to add twists and yarn, I decided to try out a tree using up some recycled yarn. I have a whole bunch of yarn that was from old knitted things that people didn’t want anymore. It is very kinky from being knitted but I like the look for representing an old, gnarly tree. Guess which one I chose?

If you have been following this blog for long, your probably guessed tree. And yes, I decided on adding a tree to the foreground. The left is the start of the tree and the right is where I am now. The curled up thread  in the middle is only partially stitched down and will follow up into the branches once stitched. I have a bunch more to go on this tree and need to add in some darker values I think after looking at these photos. I will keep you up to date on how the stitching is going.

15 thoughts on “Continuing Slow Stitching

  1. Ruth, this is beautiful. Very rich colors, the blue especially. Looking forward to our class in a couple of weeks. Happy holidays to you and Dennis and Symphony. J P

  2. Once you experimented with the richly textured yarn – it was obvious that there was no going back for you to other options!
    Looking forward to seeing this piece finished in all it’s glory.

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