I’ve got rainbows on my mind

I’ve got rainbows on my mind

First of all, happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading this in the US! I hope you had a nice celebration.

Today I’m sharing some rainbow-y fibre I created, plus a “throwback” item that I hope you’ll like.

Being an indie dyer means I get to play with dyes fairly regularly, but it had been some time since I adventured into the world of saturated rainbows. I think it was the grey London Autumn that got me inspired, I just needed to get a colour fix. Off to the dye pot I went.


One of the things I’ve been a little obsessed with lately is how yarns look when they’re in skein format – I love it when colours look cohesive and have a certain progression to them when displayed, so I went for a red “bottom” that would change as the eyes look up. Hopefully you’ll see that this was done consciously.

I knit this into a hat (complete with a pompom) that I think looks very cheery. It’s going to be a Christmas present so I hope the recipient likes it.


I hope you’re not fed up with bright colours yet…


Although not technically a rainbow, this wool top came out super bright and happy (to my eyes at least). If you’ve ever dyed wool top or roving you’ll know it can be an adventure to control where the colours go. This is superwash wool (it doesn’t felt) so it wasn’t as difficult to get “right” as non-superwash fibres, but I’m still perfecting my methods. Suggestions are welcome!

This being the Felting and Fiber Studio, there should be some felting, so here is a little Piglet I made a couple of years ago and gifted to a friend. I really loved creating this little guy and think he came out really well. I got to see the sculpture again a few days ago at a friend’s house.


Have you done any hand dyeing or needle felting lately? Share your experiences with me in the comment sections.

13 thoughts on “I’ve got rainbows on my mind

  1. Piglet is amazing! Very clever needle felting.

    Skeins do look good indeed and yours is a beautiful rainbow that you knitted up into a lovely hat. Do you plan to spin then knit the superwash?

    1. Thanks! Piglet was a fun challenge.

      The superwash is actually one of the items I made for my online shop, so hopefully someone will love it enough to spin and knit (or weave) it into something fabulous 😀

  2. The rainbow is very cheery indeed on a dreary day here. The hat came out great and I’m sure it will be treasured. Piglet is adorable. I haven’t dyed or needle felted lately. Still doing hand stitching and working on my art and design homework. But having fun being creative 🙂

  3. As others have said….a blast of colour is most welcome in these dreary, early dark, days. And piglet too, he is so cute.
    The only needle felting I’ve done lately is adding or sharpening a few details to some small wet felted items, namely some brooches (for gifts and stock) and my holiday exchange card (I’ve achieved it, and it’ll be posted today, yippee).

  4. I love looking at your site to inhale all the cheery colours, and to see what you have been creating, keep up the good work! x

    1. Thanks so much, Tracey! Today will be spent on some sewing (wish me luck) but next week I’m back to coloured fluff 😀 Your work is also a source of inspiration for me, by the way!

  5. I love the skein and the hat you used it for! The superwash tops look gorgeous too. Have you ever tried using them as embellishment fibres? I keep meaning to do that. Piglet is adorable 🙂

    1. Thanks, Zed! The pattern was a free one I got from Ravelry. It helps break up the skeins colours so there’s less of a pooling effect (like you see on the brim).
      I’ve never used superwash as embellishment fibres, no! I have used them for certain spinning techniques that might be more suitable for non-superwash, with good result though 🙂

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