Next Steps Putting Together the Bags.

Next Steps Putting Together the Bags.

Last time I showed you the parts of the bags ready to be put together. Now I will show you how I do it.

First I wet one side. I use the resist to press the wool down and make sure it will be wet where I need it to be.

Next I add one of the pieces of silk.

Then I add the resist and the 2 pieces used to close the bag.

Next I add the second piece of silk and wrap the wool around everything

I add the second side of wool and wrap that around too.

After I’ve done that to all the pieces I add some embellishments. I am using a multicoloured top for grass on the blue one and the pink one got a rolled up ball of silk scraps. I covered the ball with more pink wool and will cut the top off near the end.

This is after several rollings. you can see they are curling as they shrink.

I cut the slit for the bag and rub it with well soaped fingers to heal the cut edges.

Next will be more rolling and some throwing to get the fulling done. I will show you the finished bags next time and some I finished with some embroidery.




13 thoughts on “Next Steps Putting Together the Bags.

    1. Thanks Marilyn, It was late posting. Silk always looks nice. I thought I hit the post button before I left for work but it was still ther waiting when I got home.

  1. Its always interesting seeing how other people do things. I’ve only ever added bits of silk as embellishment, never a whole side of a bag…something else to add to the “to do, when i get time list” They are looking good and I look forward to seeing the end results.

    1. Thanks, the bags are about 6 inches top to bottom when finished. The top folds over. Originally I made one for my business cards but now use one for my square payment items and memory sticks too.

  2. These look great, Ann 🙂 I think you should do at least one with that gorgeous silk on the outside, though.

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