Making Some More Little Bags

I haven’t had much time to felt and today I finally got some time to start some new little bags.

The last time I made little bags I forgot to add the spikes that end up as the closures so I made a bunch of spikes to be ready this time. Now to remember to make the rings for the bottom.

I make these bas self lining by putting fabric next to the resist. This creates a nuno felt lining and I don’t have to do it later. I licked this silk scarf a friend gave me for it’s nice bright colours and interesting dye pattern.

The other thing adding the nuno lining dies is add strength allowing me to make a thinner, less bulky bag. I set up 4 resists because if you are going to rub and roll some felt you might as well do make it worth while.

Here are the 4 bags ready to be put together. I try not to match the linings to the bag colour to much so it doesn’t disappear when I am done.  I may have to switch the 2 middle ones.

At this point I had to stop and switch the laundry and got distracted with other things so I haven’t made it past this point today. You will notice that I have forgotten the rings at this point but I have a chance to fix this when I get back to them. It is not to late …..yet. Next time I will hopefully have some progress to show you.



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13 Responses to Making Some More Little Bags

  1. craftywoman says:

    Now I am keen to see what you do next, what a great idea nuno felting the lining in place, I would never have thought of that, I’m enjoying the progress

  2. The nuno-fabric linings will look fab Ann! Looking forward to your next post.

    • Thanks Lyn, I think they will look good. I like to do an interesting lining if it will be seen at all. I know I always look at the lining in my purses before buying. A nice lining can tip the balance on buying it.

  3. ruthlane says:

    Great little bags Ann, I too like the idea of lining with nuno. I don’t make many bags but it’s a good idea to remember for sure.

  4. Marilyn aka Pandagirl says:

    Cute little bags to be. I like the idea of Nuno lined bags. I did that with the handbag I made a while back. Saves a lot of steps in the long run. Can’t wait to see the finished bags.

  5. I am curious at the end product Ann, because i don’t understand the position of your resist.

    • in the end picture the resist is under the lower ovals. I was using as a pattern to layout the wool. I will put the lining and resist on top next. I am hoping to have them ready for the next post. I will take pictures.

  6. zedster66 says:

    That silk piece is gorgeous! It reminds me of those clingfilm and salt pictures me and Ruth did from the Start2 website. You’ve matched the wool nicely, but I agree about switching the middle ones 🙂

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