Playing Around

I’ve had a note on my kitchen white board for months which just says “unravelled knitting and plastic fibre.” I was stirring a pan of instant noodles one day and thought how much they looked like unravelled knitting and how much the frothy, boiling water reminded me of plastic fibre. I intended to make it in felt, but only got around to it yesterday. I picked Charolais wool, I thought this would make a spongy felt and help create the right effect. I think I would have been better off with something like Cheviot. This is the full piece:

Close up of the plastic fibre as frothy, boiling water:

Close up of unravelled knitting (which I think was mostly wool) as instant noodles:

While I had my White Wools tub out, I thought I’m make another couple of pieces to try combining different wools with fibres. This one was made with English 56s. It was a bit different to previous packs I’ve had, the fibres were much longer, almost like there was a high Devon content. I used some hand dyed Nylon Fibres. I love the colours you get with Nylon, especially the blues, which is why there are so many shades on this:

I don’t know if it’s obvious to you, but it definitely has a different look this Eng 56s, more ‘wavy’:

Here’s a close up of some green (the blue was impossible to capture)

For my last piece I used my new favourite wool, Rambouillet. And some fibres I have a ton of, crimped polyester lap-type things, (or as the shops call it ‘Hallowe’en cobwebs’!). I’ve tried this before with various results. It really attached well into the Rambouillet:

It looked to me like wet paper, the way it will form to whatever it dries on top of.

It kept a lot of its crimpy character while still forming a mat of fibres:

It was quite hard to get close ups, the green and orange are both fluorescent. Green:


I don’t have any plans for them, I just needed a ‘play day’ 🙂

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6 Responses to Playing Around

  1. Leonor says:

    Hooray for play days! 😀

  2. Some interesting results. Playing is always fun.

    • zedster66 says:

      Thanks, Ann 🙂
      Yeah, I’ve had to do some 1 to 1’s at the well being centre lately, so there’s been less ‘playing’. I didn’t realise how much I need it.

  3. ruthlane says:

    You made me laugh with the noodles and your other colors and textures are wonderful. Glad you decided to go ahead and try the noodles idea.

    • zedster66 says:

      Thanks, Ruth 🙂
      Yeah, me too. It’s not as great as I imagined, but I can wipe it off the whiteboard now!

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