Alpaca Antics

When I began wet felting, merino was the only wool that I had had experience with, and I wanted to try new fibres.  I knew that there happened to be a working alpaca farm not far from were I live so I decided to pay it a visit after a phone call to check they take visitors.  I met a lovely lady called Dawn from Knavesmire Alpacas in Haxby, North Yorkshire UK who is passionate about her alpacas and I thought Dawn and her family would be a nice blog to share with you all.

Dawn has 38 alpacas, 8 Suris and 30 Huacaya alpacas, comprising 4 boys and 34 girls.  The British Alpaca Society (BAS) have 22 recognised shades from white, grey, browns, fawn and black.


Alpacas usually only have one cria (baby), if there are twins they rarely survive.  The gestation is approx. 11.5 months.  They self ovulate, so only come into season when being mated, so they can have cria anytime, so males and females are kept separate to ensure no winter babies.  Dawn has one hermaphrodite, which is really rare.





They are fantastic mums and guards, keeping everyone safe from foxes.  Dawn has always loved them and started with five for her 50th birthday.

Now onto the fibre bit!

Dawn spins, wet and needle felts, both with 100% alpaca and also blending it with other fibres.  There are three cuts of fibre.  The first cut is from the saddle area, usually spun as it is ideal to wear next to the skin (less or hardly any guard hair which gives it the itch factor).  The second cut is the better fibre from the neck and top of the legs, sometimes suitable for spinning and ideal for needle felting.  The third cut is the short fibres from the bottom of the legs and the second trace of the shears, only really suitable for stuffing.

Huacaya is the teddy bear of the alpaca world, the Suri have the long silky dreadlocks.  There are only 10% of Suri alpaca compared with Huacaya, so it tends to be more expensive to buy (both animals and fibre).

Pics of fleece, yummy batts, hand dyed Suri locks and spun wool







Dawn made this shawl using baby alpaca locks on a fine merino and alpaca base.


Needle felted family and wet and needle felted impressive hat!





Animal heads, a rug and soaps – Love the rug Dawn!



Dawn also makes and sells these cute booties.

26219134_2053941798174777_4888089037691493673_nWHITE BOOTIES


I think it is safe to say Dawn is kept busy!

She uses olive oil soap to wet felt the fibre, and Ecover for washing it because it is gentle and does not contain Lanolin.  Huacaya are sheared every year, Suris once every two years.  She said the fleece does not need too much washing, however the alpacas do love their dirt baths and rolling around on the floor!  She says they are wonderful to keep, relatively easy and usually give birth easily too, and I know she loves them all!

My thanks to Dawn for agreeing to provide me with all the information and lovely photos.

If you would like to find out more or contact Dawn here are the links.

Last but not least, I thought I would pop in a picture of one of Dawn’s this year’s first arrivals, Gary the Pygmy goat, how cute is he?!


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21 Responses to Alpaca Antics

  1. RobinG says:

    That goat is so cute!
    And the hat–is that The Sorting Hat? Awesome!

    • tracey2008 says:

      Hi Robin, not being a Harry Potter fan I had to look up The Sorting Hat, but yes, I’m sure that is what Dawn intended!

  2. Thanks for the blog Tracey.
    Dawn is a very all-round lady with wool.
    My friend said; she looks like you, making all kind of things, her hubby could get mad of it. I appreciated the first part but i wondered if there was something to tell me with the second part of his saying?
    Lovely pics too.

    • tracey2008 says:

      Thanks Jifke you are very welcome, glad you enjoyed it. I would only take on board the first part of your friends observation, and disregard the rest…….! Just smile sweetly. 😉

  3. Thank you for a lovely read and photos Tracey! The info about the three cuts was interesting – and why the saddle cut doesn’t itch was informative.
    Dawn has some amazing ‘makes’ doesn’t she? The animal heads on the wall are fab and as for all the fibre colours … what can we say except that they are really scrummy!

    • tracey2008 says:

      Thanks very much Lyn and Annie, glad you enjoyed reading this. The animal heads are very imaginative and the other animals are equally great, I dread to think how they would turn out in my hands!

  4. Kathryn Luciana says:

    lovely photos and article. Beautiful work too.

  5. ruthlane says:

    Thanks for the great post Tracey. Dawn sounds like she stays really busy. Her creations are wonderful. I loved seeing all the animals too.

    • tracey2008 says:

      Thanks Ruth, you are welcome. I am of the opinion it is all her passion, a real labour of love.

  6. Karen Lane says:

    Very interesting post Tracey and if there is ever an award for the post with the biggest “Ahhhhh” factor, you’ve just won it! Beautiful animals and Gary is just adorable!!

    • tracey2008 says:

      Thanks Karen! I will felt myself a medal! 😉 I think Dawn works through the alphabet and asks people on FB to help name the new arrivals, so it was obviously the turn of G.

  7. Leonor says:

    What beautiful alpacas! I’m so happy the UK has embraced these animals, I’d love to visit an alpaca farm someday. The wee goat is so lovely, and Dawn’s makes are amazing. Wonderful read!

  8. tracey2008 says:

    Thanks Leonor! glad you enjoyed reading the blog. All credit to Dawn, I pretty much wrote what she wrote! Check her FB page if you want a fix in future!

  9. A very busy lady indeed. Alpacas are so sweet and I love the way they chat.

  10. zedster66 says:

    Great post, Tracey, thanks for that! The natural batts are just as gorgeous as the dyed ones, such nice shades. I wonder if I’ve got enough room for a pygmy goat? 🙂

    • tracey2008 says:

      Thanks Zed, you are welcome, glad you enjoyed it! Enough room for a pygmy goat ? I think you are kidding yourself……..sorry, couldn’t resist! 😉

    • zedster66 says:

      ha ha!

  11. Marilyn aka Pandagirl says:

    Great post Tracey! Wonderful photos and creative items. Dawn is indeed busy. That’s a lot of alpacas to care for. I have an alpaca farm close by as well and she has maybe half that.

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