Learning to Hand Stitch

Learning to Hand Stitch

I really like the way stitching looks on felt. I like machine stitching and took Ruths on line class. Machine stitching class  It was very good. I need to do lots more practice. I am a little busy around home and farm at the moment for that so I thought I would work on expanding my stitching ability with a regular needle . I can take it with me and do it anywhere.

I do know a few stitches. I am quite good at french knots because I like to make sheep.  I did this little bag recently.

On the bottom half I did some flowers. I used french knots and a daisy stitch.

This is what it looks like closed. It still needs ironing to get it flat.

So then I went on to do some practice flowers on a piece of felt I had

and some close ups.

The first leaf, the one at the bottom didn’t work out so well. So for the second one I drew a leaf shape. I used ball point pen because it was what I had in my purse while I was waiting in the van for kids. What do you use that won’t disappear while stitching but will disappear easily after you are done.

At this point I thought I should be more systematic. I thought I would just go back through the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge. We did It on the Forum a few years ago. feltandfiberstudio.proboards.com/board/16/challenges  unfortunately the links lead you to a new take a stitch Tuesday challenge that started in January. If you are interested follow the link in any of the posts. You can still see all our posts for the challenge we did.

So I went looking for another stitch dictionary to use. I found this one that groups the stitches in to families I like this Idea. stitch dictionary I learn the basic stitch and some interesting variations, so I started. First I drew a wavy pattern and then I clamped it in my new to me embroidery hoop stand and  started stitching. Then I took a picture, at least I hadn’t gotten far before I remembered to take a picture.

This is the finished stitching, it is just simple back stitch. I tried some different stitch lengths.

I had hoped to get further than this for you but life keeps interfering. I haven’t decided if I like the hoop stand. It’s a bit strange to use but it’s nice that I can just stick the needle in and walk away. I haven’t made it very far yet but so far I am enjoying it.

13 thoughts on “Learning to Hand Stitch

  1. Your stitching is lovely Ann – and yes, it’s very portable and quick to pick up and put down so it’s ideal for your busy lifestyle!
    The little sheepy bag is so pretty.

    There are air-erasable marker pens for embroiderers but they only work well on fully fulled felt.

  2. Lovey work and I felt the little leaf on the bottom had so much texture it was of more interest to me to look closely at. Thank you for sharing. Xj

  3. Nice stitches Ann. The three pink ones between the flower and the leaves look like two single bulrushes and a bulrush in the reeds, is that the intention? I like bulrushes, they remind me of childhood walks.

    1. Yes I thought they looked like that so added the leaves. they are the long tail version of the stitch in the pink flowers in the picture above. I can’t remember the name of it.

  4. Ann, good for you to take the time to learn new hand stitches. The only thing I have found to mark felt that doesn’t disappear after a few stitches is to use water soluble fabric. I mark that with a water soluble pen, pin it down (or baste it) to the piece and then follow the design. Once you’re finished stitching, you just dissolve the fabric.

    I wouldn’t worry about your leaf being messy. Leaves that are perfect don’t look natural. They are organic and can look pretty much like anything. Was the bullrush one bullion stitch?

    1. Thats an idea Ruth. Yes thats the name of it bullion stitch. I started looking for stitches or patterns for leaves. I was very disappointed to find that people seem to just use the same basic leaf for almost everything. I have ordered some books form the library. one is on miniature stitching for victorian doll houses. And one on free form embroidery.

  5. Very nice hand work Ann. It’s always nice to learn something new and it’s great that it’s portable for you to work on in down time.

    1. Thanks Marilyn, I am enjoying it. There is no rush when I am playing. I think I like the little hoop on a stand too. the needlework is always at the right height and standing ready beside my chair.

  6. I can only echo the above comments on seeing your new stitches, and you have created little pictures with your ‘bullrushes’. I too like your bottom leaf, it has texture, I’d be interested to see the same done in a variegated thread.

    1. I really like the little bulrushes too. I will try the little leaf again. I think I had to much thread. I was wondering where to get ready to dye thread. It would be fun to dye it myself.

  7. Very nice stitching, Ann 🙂
    I liked the TAST challenge we did, but found it hard, I like the Stitch Dictionary idea of grouping the stitches together makes more sense.

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