4th Quarter Challenge Part 2

4th Quarter Challenge Part 2

I felted the Prefelt and Fibre paper Suprematist pieces that I showed you last time. I think the pieces shifted a bit, but this is the first one:

It didn’t have much texture after felting and is quite flat. The colours didn’t blend where they overlapped, but the underneath colour migrated through at the edges:

For some reason the burgundy piece was a lot fuzzier on the edges:

I did alter the second coloured one slightly, I noticed all the triangular shapes were pointing in the same direction on the same angle.

This piece was mostly flat too, the only part which isn’t is at the bottom where I used a piece of the white which is thicker/heavier prefelt:

The white piece was far more interesting before felting:

You can see from an angled photo the different textures, colours and shine better:

A close up:

The different thicknesses are more obvious on the Black and White one:

You can see how shiny the white bamboo is compared to the ‘black’ bamboo from this angle:

Close up:

I know I’m always complaining about how hard it’s been to get decent photos, but I’d forgotten how small the time frame is at this time of year where I live. I know it’s not a huge deal, no one’s expecting ‘professional’ shots on the blog, but when trying to show fibre comparisons for example, or like this week-white on white, you get massively different results depending on the time of day, or whether someone in the flats opposite opens their window just enough to direct the sun right on to your desk! So, here’s a slide show of comparisons for you of trying to photograph the white piece this week: Too late in the afternoon; Too early in the morning; Just right; Just right until neighbours open the window!

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10 thoughts on “4th Quarter Challenge Part 2

  1. I loved the slideshow! It made me smile because I know exactly what you mean. I spent hours this week trying to get some photos showing the correct colours and textures and I reckon there’s only about a 2 minute ‘window’ – if the weather’s good – about 11am!

    I like the way the blue outline shows through the orange in the first piece and the two colour pieces really look like the art I found during my google search. The texture on the black and white is great… but … the white piece is absolutely gorgeous and really should be displayed!

    1. Thanks, Lyn 🙂
      I might use ideas from the white one for a book cover, but have a better background.

      I’m surrounded by flats, so the house is nearly always dark, but then oddly lit up by a beaming sun at certain times which bounces from one block to another! At this time of year, once the sun is above the houses, there’s about an hour before it goes behind one of the blocks, and then about another hour before sunset once it’s round the front!

  2. They all turned out nice Zed. The one white does have a special texture and twinkle to it. I turned out nicer than expected. The slide show was a good idea. I think most people have trouble taking good pictures this time of year at least where we are.

    1. Thanks, Marilyn 🙂
      Yeah, the sheen lifts the white one, I’m thinking the black and white might have been better with a matte white fibre paper to match the black.

      I do like the light in Winter it seems clearer, less hazy or yellowy than Summer, there’s just not enough of it 🙂

  3. These turned out great Zed! I really like the white on white one. It’s subtle but really nice. The slideshow is perfect for showing the differences that light makes. I guess I just use the light I have and try to fix it later in Photoshop. 😉

    1. Thanks, Ruth 🙂
      Yeah, I do have to use Photoshop often too. I’m going to have to put Starch on my shopping list to make more fibre paper!

  4. I really like the White on White! It looks fabulous and rich! Loved all the samples. Thank you for sharing. I have been learning a lot from this blog.

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