4th Quarter Challenge

4th Quarter Challenge

I thought I’d finally get a chance to do some felting this week, so gave the 4th quarter challenge on Suprematist Art some thought. I know it’s basically just positioning pieces of various shapes and/or sizes, but I thought the description from the Art Story site about how the simple shapes “also encouraged many Suprematists to emphasize the surface texture of the paint on canvas, this texture being another essential quality of the medium of painting”. I know it’s hard to see that texture through old photos of old paintings on a flat screen, but it sounded like an interesting angle to explore. I’d originally planned to do my base/backgrounds with wool tops, but remembered some thick white prefelt, so used that for my base. I started out with a quite simple layout of shapes cut from commercial prefelt and handmade fibre paper:

I used a few more pieces on the next one. I had to concentrate to not have ‘neat’ or regular angles!

Another thing which intrigued me about one of the key ideas of Suprematim was the ‘Zero degree’ of painting which Art Story described as ‘the point beyond which the medium could not go without ceasing to be art.’ I might be wrong, but I thought Kazimir Malevich’s White on White was a good example of the way I understood that. So, I had a go at my interpretation, though not quite so minimalist! I built up a piece using mostly the same white prefelt as the base, and some white fibre paper. It’s a long time since I made it, but I think it is bamboo. And I think the cream square in the bottom left is tussah silk paper:

The last piece is a complilation of white and grey prefelt shapes, and white and ‘black’ bamboo paper shapes:

As I was putting the last piece back onto a piece of cardboard to take downstairs, I noticed the light had changed and was picking up the textures of the prefelt/paper layers, so I took a few photos of theose. Suprematist 1:

Suprematist 2:

I love this one, I think it’s the most interesting of all of them, Suprematist 3:

And lastly, Suprematist 4

I completely underestimated how long actually constructing the pieces would take, so never did get a chance to felt them, so I’ll show the results next time.

9 thoughts on “4th Quarter Challenge

  1. Wow! You have been busy! I can’t wait to see the results – as this point I especially like Suprematist 3.

    I agree with you about texture and that’s why I topped my shapes with scrim so that after felting the picture wasn’t flat.

  2. Cool Zed, I like them all but the white on white is my favorite. I look forward to seeing what they look like felted. It does take time to figure out the layout, doesn’t it?

    1. Thanks, Ruth πŸ™‚
      Yeah, and cutting a straight line from prefelt is harder than it seems! I wasn’t aiming for squares or rectangles, irregular shapes were fine, but I had a lot of tiny trimmings from the pieces I cut out!

  3. I really like the second color one. It will be interesting to see how Felting changes the colors on the pieces that overlap.

    1. Thanks, Marilyn πŸ™‚
      Yeah, me too. On the one hand it would be interesting to see colour changes, but on the other, it’d be good if the prefelt was thick enough not to.

  4. I definitely like the white on white the best ( especially the second picture with the light catching it.)and would be tempted to felt it just enough to hold everything together of maybe not at all and just put it under glass. maybe felt them a little then let them dry and take a pic and felt some more and dry and take pics then finish it. To see how much felting is best. I know how you like to sample.

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