Pandagirl’s 4th Quarter Challenge

Pandagirl’s 4th Quarter Challenge

I decided to take a little different direction with the Suprematist Challenge.  Ruth had used offcuts for her background.  I decided to use scraps for my shapes.

Zed had mentioned texture which is always my preference in creating most anything. So, I dumped out one of my bags of samples and scraps and started to cut shapes.

Sorry for the pic on my kitchen table, but I couldn’t help but start to organize them and wanted to save my tentative design.

Then I realized I’d better find a background. So, I used a piece of felt I made for a class with Fiona Duthie to layout designs. I pinned the pieces after I moved them around a bit.

Since most of the pieces had already been felted, I had to sew them to the background.  For most all I used a very, very fine black rayon thread.  For the lighter green pieces, I changed to a light green thread.  But I don’t think I had to.  It was felted on black prefelt ad probably wouldn’t have shown much anyway.

The pieces varied a lot in texture and materials used from nuno, throwsters waste, ribbon, silk hankies, locks, and some decorate fabrics.

It was also interesting that the pieces not only had lots of textures, but dimension.  Some of the shapes got a little distorted with the sewing.

The back was a negative of the front which looked like a puzzle to me.

Here are a couple of closeups:

Sorry my photo skills aren’t the best.

Depending on which way you turn the picture, you get a different feel.  This is the one I like the best.

Have you finished your challenge piece yet?  If I have time I may try using prefelt.

8 thoughts on “Pandagirl’s 4th Quarter Challenge

  1. I love all the different finishes and textures, Marilyn! I think you should do a similar one on a black background, looking at the close ups, I bet it would highlight the textures and sheen 🙂

  2. There is so much to look at! I clicked to make the image bigger and I was surprised by the colours and textures. The positioning of the shapes has given a circular movement to the piece – when I first looked my eye landed on the long skinny rectangle just above the middle then travelled round but was drawn back to the rectangle.
    If your fingers are up to it, Zed’s idea sounds interesting.

    1. Thanks Lyn! Am I missing a picture here? I just played with the shapes and colors until it felt right. I like to have movement. There was certainly enough texture to give interest. I’m glad it worked out.

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