Holiday Card Exchange

Holiday Card Exchange

We are in the midst of our Holiday Card Exchange over on the forum. We’ve picked our partners and now I have to buckle down and get the card done. Tracey is my partner and I already warned her that I was posting this. I won’t show the finished card until after she gets it but I thought I would show part of the process. I decided to continue to try to use things I already have partially made around the studio. So I am using samples from my Nuno Felting with Paper Fabric Lamination online class.

I decided I would create three cards. Then if one doesn’t turn out, I don’t have to start over again. I have two other choices. This is the first layout. One of my paper fabric laminated samples over blue prefelt.

The second layout is a little hard to see. It is a white merino batt with the paper fabric lamination on top. I think this was from a print of some prior artwork of mine.

The last one is what I might call a fail on the paper fabric lamination front. It is silk chiffon but if I remember correctly the paper was dyed but I didn’t realize it hadn’t been set. So the dye ran everywhere in the midst of the lamination process. But this one might be interesting once it is felted and further embellishment is added.

Here are the three samples after being wet down and rubbed a bit.

And here they are after felting. I didn’t full these much at all as I didn’t want too much shrinkage. Now they need further embellishment. It might be machine stitch or hand stitch and I might even add some beading. Or I could go wild and add paint on top like I recently did with my bark sample. So many possibilities…

Which is your favorite? How would you finish them?

12 thoughts on “Holiday Card Exchange

  1. Hard to choose from photos – I like the misty delicacy of no.2 and the quirkiness of no.3, but my eye keeps coming back to no.1. Any of them, once embellished, could be contenders!
    I can imagine red berries on no.1 and perhaps a few hand-stitched ‘stars’ in the background.

    1. Thanks Lyn, yes, it is hard to tell from the photos but number one is a good contender. Not sure how I will finish them but hadn’t thought of adding stars, good idea 🙂

  2. I agree with Lyn, it’s hard to tell from photos. But I keep going back to number 1.its bold color and and white space will give you lots of design options. I think 2 would be good for a birthday card. I look forward to seeing how and which one you finish.

    1. Thanks Ann! Yes, number 3 is a bit of a mess but I have found that many times that gives you the freedom to try anything because “what could make it worse”?

  3. I have zero ideas about how to finish or embellish anything! And if I do, I worry it’ll ruin whatever I work on! I like them all for different reasons, I think the second one would work great for a lampshade cover 🙂

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