New red hat and reshaping 2 hats

New red hat and reshaping 2 hats

I finished the red the is similar to the blue one I showed you a little while ago.  It’s dry now but I have to add a button to keep the side up. I made the curly ends very long so I think I will have to tack them inside the brim.

red hat with curls 2 red hat with curls 1 red hat with curls 3

I also reshaped a couple of hats. I made them a while ago and lots of people have tried them on and they never look good so it was time to reshape them.

This is the first one:

red pleated hat

I took the buttons off and released the pleats. Then I wet it down and cut strips into it. then folded and wove them together.

Red hat reshaped 2 Red hat reshaped 1

To me the folded up portion it was to big so I trimmed it down. I still have to trim the ends.

Red hat reshaped 3 Red hat reshaped 4

The second is a green one that was similar. Sorry I don’t have a before shot. I was sure I had one on my phone but I didn’t.

green hat reshaped 1 green hat reshaped 2

I am hopping that they sell at the show I am going to this weekend. It’s a new show for me so I don’t know what will happen. It’s in Naven Ontaario Canada.



19 thoughts on “New red hat and reshaping 2 hats

  1. Super hats Ann. I love them all. The interweaving is a great idea and it was interesting to see the first is at the hairdresser with rollers in! 🙂 I’m sure they’ll be a sellout.

  2. Your hats were beautiful before the reshaping process, but now they really pop with creativity. Let’s us all know how the show went for you!!! Good luck!
    Dorene from New Mexico!!

    1. Thanks Dorene. Everyone liked the hats and lots of people tried them on but they just didn’t look right. Funny how something can look so good and still not work.

  3. Great job on the re-do on the hats Ann. Hopefully, that will make all the difference. And yes, some styles look good in theory but never seem to work for people. We have had hats in the store like that.

  4. Great saves Ann! They all look terrific and I’m sure will sell quickly. I would have thought the one with the buttons would have sold. I guess too retro, but I liked it. Good luck at the fairl let us know how it goes,

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