First Quarter Challenge Done.

First Quarter Challenge Done.

It’s not even the last day of march and I have my First Quarter Challenge piece done. Here is the link to the challenge if you haven’t see it yet.

It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to remake an existing Fauvist painting. Then I remembered a couple of pictures I had when I was a child that had ballerinas in them. One was them dancing at night and one in a French garden. I doesn’t know where the pictures are now but what I remember is that they felt very happy. Fauvism should express emotion with simplified form and bold colour so that was the choice.

I did what I usually do for back grounds, a piece of cotton gauze between 2 pieces of prefelt. It measured about 14×14. Then I positioned my ballerinas. I used silk hanky pieces for the dresses.

I used prefelt, merino top and the large blue piece is a small left over piece of batt I made last year.  I then wet it all down and felted it down to 12×12. For an art piece this seems to be enough shrinkage. the size lets me use it for my guilds upcoming art show celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

Here it is after felting I think it qualifies as Fauvist.

It was ok but I wanted to emphasise the ballerinas more so I made their skirts 3D by needle felting some more silk hanky on to them.

I liked it before but I like it much better now.


I hope those of you that haven’t made anything yet will be inspired to so something before the end of the month. It was fun.


20 thoughts on “First Quarter Challenge Done.

  1. Love this! I hope it warms up soon so I can get into my studio…it’s been crazy cold. Very unusual weather. My studio isn’t heated, so I’ve been in a dry spell for creating ANYTHING, except cooking. This does inspire me to get back to my wool. I really like the ballerinas–it certainly evokes a happy feeling. 🙂

    1. Thank you, I uses to have an unheated space too. I could get into spring an fall with supplemental heat but winter was out. I found blocking the TV while i worked in the living room on a portable table helped get me a heated space. LOL

  2. Love your ballerinas. They really look happy and what a gret idea to add extra 3D by needle felting their skirts with silk hankies.

  3. It is a happy piece Ann and I love it! The addition of the 3D ballerina skirts was a good idea. The multi-coloured trees look fab and the piece of felt you used for the trunk for the tree in the foreground worked so well.

    1. Thanks Lyn, I think the skirts really finish it well. the tree trunk is a piece of left overs carded together and made into prefelt. There isn’t much more left after I cut out the tree.

  4. This looks really happy and cute ! Well done, they have a happy time in the garden. Ann, why do you do cotton gauze between two pieces of prefelt? Because it would keep the shape, of for more stiffness?

  5. Un trabajo Precioso!!!…Me encanta el resultado en fieltro, lo que logras transmitir.

  6. This is great, Ann 🙂 The silk hankies are perfect for the ballerinas’ skirts, great idea!

  7. Great challenge piece Ann! And you are finished way before the deadline 😉 I too like the addition of the silk hankies to enliven the ballerinas, it definitely gives them more movement. Glad you had fun with the challenge.

  8. Beautiful Ann! It is a very happy piece. I love the ballerinas with the 3D dresses. Great addition.

  9. I was wondering if there is a secret to needle felting on top of felted wool. I can’t seem to get through the felted wool without breaking my needles. How do you do it?

    1. I am not sure why you would have trouble. The only thing is to go strait in and strait out. never change the angle of the needle when it is in the wool. Is it wool felt or acrylic felt you are using for a backing?

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