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Pandagirl’s Year End Round Up 2017

Pandagirl’s Year End Round Up 2017

I’m always amazed at what I accomplished at the end of year. This year I took a few classes in order to expand my creativity in addition to experimenting on  my own. I also tried to use up more materials and finish some UFOs.

Here is a bedside case for odds and ends made with some merino inside and unknown fiber batt with silk embellishment.

Experimenting with different types of yarn to make a table runner.

Our First Quarter Challenge – Fauvism.

Weaving then felting.

A Valentine gift for granddaughter Lisa.


Teri Berry’s Snail hat class.








Finishing and hanging an eco print.                                                  Crochet around wire bowl.








Framing the felted weaving.

I did a lot of experimenting with crochet stitches.
















Practicing for Ruth’s Free Motion Embroidery class.

Crochet hats for my granddaughter and her new premature brother Ken.

A dimensional potholder.

Learning more crochet stitches.

Making a crochet hook case from a crochet sample.

A bowl for the Second quarter Challenge – Celtic

Using yarn on a resist for a vase cover.

Adding dimension to the hummingbird/tiger lily picture.

Crocheting scrubbies.

Felt and crochet earrings.








Crochet beaded bowl with stiffener.

A Pumpkin for Ken.

The Third Quarter Challenge – Edo Period; felt and hand embroidery Sakura.

Ribbon embroidery and framing.








Playing with thickened dye for Ruth’s class on felt.


Finishing  a case from UFO pile and FME Butterfly








Maneki-Neko for Third Quarter Challenge Edo Period.

Framing the Rooster.

More stencil play with acrylic and thickened dye.

The Fourth Quarter Challenge — Suprematist

Penguin’s Poinsettia Holiday card.

A couple of scarves for my daughter in laws parents in Japan where it’s as cold as Chicago.








I want to let everyone know I am taking a leave of absence to focus on my health and family.  I will be around just not posting weekly.  We have a lot of talented artists that will be filling in starting with Tracey Thompson next week.

I want to thank everyone for helping out to give me this time.   If you or someone you know has something to share — it doesn’t have to be felt but anything fiber related including paper, please contact me or one of the other moderators on the forum and we’ll get you on the schedule.

I hope everyone has a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!  Happy Creating in 2018!

First Quarter Fauvism Challenge

First Quarter Fauvism Challenge

I’m really late doing the first quarter Fauvism challenge, I thought I understood it, but every time I had an idea and started to work on it, it didn’t seem right. I finally decided on a picture to use last week, one of my favourite pictures of the lake at Sefton Park, Aigburth. I used it for a previous challenge, Marilyn’s Monet Challenge, and thought it’d be interesting to do a comparison. Then right at the last minute yesterday after looking at the other entries and googling ‘fauvism’ again, it didn’t seem right! But, looking at the other entries reminded me of my sister’s photo which I used to make a felt picture a couple of years ago. Here’e the post if you don’t remember:  and here’s the picture I made:

I took the original photo (without permission, hope she doesn’t mind!) and altered the colours in Photoshop:

I’d had in my head that Fauvism was really bright, but the more I looked, the more I saw muted colours, unsaturated shades. There’s one particular jade green that I started to see everywhere! I simplified the picture to get the colour bands:

And added some ‘accented edges’:

Then I blended the last one and first one together:

A lot of the Fauvist paintings had roughly blended brush strokes and patchy areas so I blended some colours for each band to try to get that effect:

I don’t know which photo shows it better:

Then I added embellishment fibres for mre effect, this is some Kapok on the pink, there’s a bit of silk on the blue, trilobal nylon on the orange, and nylon staple on the blue:

I don’t know why I did that second band blue, I can see it’s green on the photo, I clearly wrote ‘green’ on my template, and somehow chose blue! Maybe I tilted my laptop screen back too far (good excuse!) I did realise before felting and changed it:

The other embellishments and fibres I added are: some dark blue wool and light blue nylon for trees at the top; some green wool and red nylon for trees between the top orange row and blue one underneath it; green and yellow viscose staple on the green layer and some dark blue nylon for a hedge. The track lines are wool; I used viscose and nylon on the lower orangey band, and the blue/purple band at the bottom has dyed cotton nepps and nylon staple fibre added. This angle might show them a bit better:

I only got it felted early evening, so here it is pegged on the washing line to dry, I haven’t even had a look at it yet today!

I love the colours, but I put far more detail and work into the first one, so it looks dull and flat in comparison, so I think I will add some stitching to this to improve it 🙂

Fauvist Felt from the Forum

Fauvist Felt from the Forum

Believe it or not, but the end of the first quarter of the year is almost here. I thought that you all might like to see the felt created by our forum members for the 1st Quarter Fauvism Challenge. We had some wonderful pieces created by our members. If you create a piece for any of our challenges, please feel free to join us over on the forum to share your work.  Or even if you don’t join in on the challenges, you’re welcome to join us!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you hold your cursor over each photo, you will be able to see who created each piece. Isn’t this a wonderful selection of colors? I think that everyone captured the Fauvist spirit in their own unique way. Thanks to all of you who participated, I enjoyed seeing your creations.

The second quarter challenge will be announced soon and I invite you to join in the fun. It’s always good to push yourself in directions you might not have taken on your own.

First Quarter Challenge Done.

First Quarter Challenge Done.

It’s not even the last day of march and I have my First Quarter Challenge piece done. Here is the link to the challenge if you haven’t see it yet.

It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to remake an existing Fauvist painting. Then I remembered a couple of pictures I had when I was a child that had ballerinas in them. One was them dancing at night and one in a French garden. I doesn’t know where the pictures are now but what I remember is that they felt very happy. Fauvism should express emotion with simplified form and bold colour so that was the choice.

I did what I usually do for back grounds, a piece of cotton gauze between 2 pieces of prefelt. It measured about 14×14. Then I positioned my ballerinas. I used silk hanky pieces for the dresses.

I used prefelt, merino top and the large blue piece is a small left over piece of batt I made last year.  I then wet it all down and felted it down to 12×12. For an art piece this seems to be enough shrinkage. the size lets me use it for my guilds upcoming art show celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

Here it is after felting I think it qualifies as Fauvist.

It was ok but I wanted to emphasise the ballerinas more so I made their skirts 3D by needle felting some more silk hanky on to them.

I liked it before but I like it much better now.


I hope those of you that haven’t made anything yet will be inspired to so something before the end of the month. It was fun.


Pandagirl’s 1st Quarter Challenge 2017

Pandagirl’s 1st Quarter Challenge 2017

Last month Ruth Lane announced the 1st Quarter Challenge focusing on Fauvism. If you missed it, you can read about it here: 

I had a  hard time deciding what to do and looked through a lot of photos and pictures for inspiration.  Finally, I came across an old postcard from Hawaii of a ship on the sea under dark skies that intrigued me.

I decided I would concentrate on bold colors and simplified forms.   Here is my layout:


I used prefelts I had previously made and batts I had on hand. Please ignore my messy work table.  It’s hard to tell from the monitor, but the sail next to the green one is a teal color.  Here it looks blue. Also the dark blue boom above the body of the boat got lost because of the blue water. I didn’t notice that when I laid it out.

After felting:


I probably should have stopped fulling sooner.  I had used a Domestic 56 base so it needed shaving.  I couched some yarn for the masts and used yellow thread for the halyards (I believe that is the correct for the ropes connected.)

I decided to frame it.  I had an old frame I had used for papermaking and it fit perfectly.


I’m not sure if this is in true Fauvist style, but I was pleased with the result.  Have you started the challenge yet?


1st Quarter Challenge – Fauvism Interpretation

1st Quarter Challenge – Fauvism Interpretation

I was attracted to the Fauvism movement due to its simplicity and bright, saturated colors. But when it got down to creating a felt piece, I was a bit stuck. I decided I would use prefelt to keep the simplicity of shapes. I used only the prefelt that I already had so I was a bit limited in my color choices. I decided to do a basic landscape and didn’t use an inspirational photo as I normally would. Sorry, but I forgot to take a photo of the layout.

Felted Fauvism ChallengeHere’s the piece after felting. I used a thick thin yarn for the detail in the foreground. I liked it but I decided it was a bit boring and needed further detail in the foreground.

Adding Tree Shapes

So I added a line of trees. This is felt that I had dyed and used Color Magnet on but it didn’t work out too well. So I cut out the tree shapes and hand appliqued them in place. But it still needed a bit more. I got out my hand dyed wool thread to see what I could add with hand stitching.

Fauvism Mountain Range

I outlined the mountains and added some orange for a nice contrast to the blue moon.

I then added some bright green to accentuate the trees. My husband thought they were leaves before I added the stitching so I wanted to make the stitching look like branches and not veins in leaves.

Completed Fauvism Challenge Piece

I added just a little bit of stitching in the foreground to complete the piece. And I’m happy with the result. It is certainly not something I would have created without this challenge as it definitely is out of “my style”. But it was fun. Have you tried something for the first quarter challenge? It was fun and the colors certainly cheered me up on a grey, snowy day here in Montana.


Exploring Fauvism

Exploring Fauvism

Apologies for the late post, I planned to post about a new piece of felt but only 1 of the photos wasn’t blurry, so I thought I’d post about Ruth’s Fauvism Challenge. To try and understand Fauvism, I thought I would try to alter some photos in the style of it. Lyn posted on the forum that she’d written these words to help her with the challenge: “Fauvist paintings have a simplified drawing and an exaggerated use of colour”
It summed up what I had been trying to achieve with the edited photos. The first one I tried had some of the bright colours, and the water ripples gave the ‘texurey’ look of the Fauvist style brush strokes, but I felt like I need to try a different photo. This is the one I started with:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd after some tweaks on Photoshop:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI tried it again with a different photo. This is the original:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI increased the brightness and saturation:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen I simplified the colours and shapes:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis muted the colours a lot so I increased the saturation again:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI then added a few tiny lines around the boat and some colour to the water:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI then added outlines:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI feel like this last one is the starting point, rather than the finished picture. It has the simple shapes and the colour is exagerated, but more in saturation than anything. And though at first the Fauvism style seems very bright, when you really look at the paintings, they aren’t so much bright as bold. I think I will play around with some other photos, try to get ones which start simpler, but have more in the way of colour variation. One thing I did learn today, was how to pronounce ‘Fauvism’ 🙂

2017 Quarterly Challenges

2017 Quarterly Challenges

Happy New Year to everyone and we hope that you have a very creative year in 2017. We like to give you a little creative challenge every quarter and this coming year, we will be emphasizing various art periods. Each of us will choose a different art period and then challenge you to create felt or other fiber art with that art period as your inspiration.

There is some great information about art periods at the following websites:

Arty Factory

The Art Story

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Matisse - Woman with a Hat - Wikipedia
Matisse – Woman with a Hat – Wikipedia

I have decided on the art period called Fauvism. I have gleaned all this information from Wikipedia and The Fauvist movement started in 1899 and ended in 1908, so it was a relatively short period of time.

Wikipedia’s definition: “Fauvism is the style of les Fauves (French for “the wild beasts”), a loose group of early twentieth-century modern artists whose works emphasized painterly qualities and strong color over the representational or realistic values retained by Impressionism.”

Matisse: Open Window, Wikipedia
Matisse: Open Window, Wikipedia

The Art Story website gives more information:

“Matisse emerged as the leader of the group, whose members shared the use of intense color as a vehicle for describing light and space, and who redefined pure color and form as means of communicating the artist’s emotional state. In these regards, Fauvism proved to be an important precursor to Cubism and Expressionism as well as a touchstone for future modes of abstraction.”

Seine Chatou, Maurice de Vlaminck, Wikipedia
Seine Chatou, Maurice de Vlaminck, Wikipedia

Key Ideas (from

“One of Fauvism’s major contributions to modern art was its radical goal of separating color from its descriptive, representational purpose and allowing it to exist on the canvas as an independent element. Color could project a mood and establish a structure within the work of art without having to be true to the natural world.”

Barges on the Seine, Maurice de Vlaminck, Wikipedia
Barges on the Seine, Maurice de Vlaminck, Wikipedia

“Another of Fauvism’s central artistic concerns was the overall balance of the composition. The Fauves’ simplified forms and saturated colors drew attention to the inherent flatness of the canvas or paper; within that pictorial space, each element played a specific role. The immediate visual impression of the work is to be strong and unified.”

Paysage Color, Jean Metzinger, Wikipedia
Paysage Color, Jean Metzinger, Wikipedia


“Above all, Fauvism valued individual expression. The artist’s direct experience of his subjects, his emotional response to nature, and his intuition were all more important than academic theory or elevated subject matter. All elements of painting were employed in service of this goal.”

Charing Cross Bridge, Andre Derain, Wikipedia
Charing Cross Bridge, Andre Derain, Wikipedia

One of the main reasons that I chose this art period is that I thought it would translate well to felt. The simplicity of form with saturated colors sounded perfect for felt. And then we also get to be “wild beasts” while we’re working on this challenge for the first quarter. So I challenge you to look up Fauvism and create a piece of fiber art in that tradition. Go wild with colors and express your individualism!

Please show us your creations over on the forum. We’d love to see what the wild beast in you brings forth.

Don’t forget to sign up for online classes here:

Experimental Screen Printing

Felting Fantasy Fish

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