1st Quarter Challenge – Fauvism Interpretation

1st Quarter Challenge – Fauvism Interpretation

I was attracted to the Fauvism movement due to its simplicity and bright, saturated colors. But when it got down to creating a felt piece, I was a bit stuck. I decided I would use prefelt to keep the simplicity of shapes. I used only the prefelt that I already had so I was a bit limited in my color choices. I decided to do a basic landscape and didn’t use an inspirational photo as I normally would. Sorry, but I forgot to take a photo of the layout.

Felted Fauvism ChallengeHere’s the piece after felting. I used a thick thin yarn for the detail in the foreground. I liked it but I decided it was a bit boring and needed further detail in the foreground.

Adding Tree Shapes

So I added a line of trees. This is felt that I had dyed and used Color Magnet on but it didn’t work out too well. So I cut out the tree shapes and hand appliqued them in place. But it still needed a bit more. I got out my hand dyed wool thread to see what I could add with hand stitching.

Fauvism Mountain Range

I outlined the mountains and added some orange for a nice contrast to the blue moon.

I then added some bright green to accentuate the trees. My husband thought they were leaves before I added the stitching so I wanted to make the stitching look like branches and not veins in leaves.

Completed Fauvism Challenge Piece

I added just a little bit of stitching in the foreground to complete the piece. And I’m happy with the result. It is certainly not something I would have created without this challenge as it definitely is out of “my style”. But it was fun. Have you tried something for the first quarter challenge? It was fun and the colors certainly cheered me up on a grey, snowy day here in Montana.


14 thoughts on “1st Quarter Challenge – Fauvism Interpretation

  1. It’s a great piece of art in the Fauvist style Ruth! I like the colours you’ve used and the moon is fab. The process photos show your clever use of the different size trees to give depth to the landscape – what a difference they make.

    I’ve never struggled so much with a studio challenge, yet I thought it was going to be so easy. I’ve nearly finished mine … but it is a second attempt!

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one struggling with this one. But you certainly made it work. It turned out great. All your little additions really finished it off nicely.

  3. It turned out great Ruth. There is at least 6 weeks left in this challenge so I still have lots of time before I have to panic. I am going to have to either interpret one of theirs or go searching the public domain photos. All I have pictures of is wool, felt, sheep and grand kids. .

    1. Thanks Ann! I actually thought about doing a sheep. I put the photo into an online program and turned it bright colors. It was pretty cool. Kind of like your colored sheep that you needle felt but more psychedelic..

  4. I thought I’d commented on this, I think it got me thinking and I wandered off to do something else! It’s really interesting seeing felt pieces with patches and shapes of colour transforming into picture of landscapes with stitching. This turned out great 🙂

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