Holiday Exchange and wool order

Holiday Exchange and wool order

We do a holiday exchange on the forum. We make Felt post cards to share. I can show you the post card I sent to Cathy now that she has it. Do you participate in any fibery Christmas exchanges or challenges?

exchange card

The only thing woolly that I did this week was get a World of Wool order. I half put in an order because I needed Finn wool to do a cat cave class next month.  this is what 40kg of wool looks like when it arrives and one box open

40kg wool box open

And all ready to go to the vireos people

all ready for delivery

Inside the box you can see in the open box is a colour sample binder. I decided it was about time I had one so I could see the colours properly.

sample book

In the bags are the colours for the 23 micron merino. I am going to have a look for more of the plastic  pages so I can put the bagged sample in them. I think they might be for coins. One lady is thinking of ordering yarn to dye herself so got a sample pack of them. They are good large samples, well labelled. They are all sock yarns.

yarn sample yarn sample back





15 thoughts on “Holiday Exchange and wool order

  1. Wow, you’d think 40kg of wool would amount to even more! Seriously, I’m less daunted now to place an order 🙂

    Funny you should have ordered a yarn sample for a friend, I recently got one for myself, too. They’re well labelled, but I can’t help thinking they should have come in a more “catalog-type” format – you know, like you did with your merino samples! Now that was a great idea 🙂

    1. The ones that are catalogued came that way. The sample book used to have everything in it and cost over $100. that’s why I never had one before. when I was browsing this time I noticed they had split it up. I think maybe the binder and sample pages are from the old set and now they come bagged. As you see one of my colour sets was bagged. I think it probably costs a lot to have someone sit an make them up. The company has grown a lot in the last few years, I think and demand is higher. We spread the word about the great prices and service. They compress the wool a lot to get it in the boxes. The boxes pop open as you cut the straps and tap

    2. I absolutely get it that it’s more expensive to ship in a proper sample page thing, but I payed 50p for a little bit of chunky yarn in a plastic bag. Honestly, I think they could do better for that price! Ah, well.

      Glad they could squish that much fibre into two boxes, but did you notice any compression? I don’t want mine to get felted when ordering…

    3. Non of it was felted. I have never had a problem with wool form them. I think it is vacuumed so tight it can’t rub around. It isn’t that way for long. I let the vacuum out when I get it.

    4. Good to know! I’ve actually often wondered if having fibre in a vacuum seal would damage it at all… It would sure help save space!

  2. They could be coin or slide sleeves, Ann, not sure if they are one and the same thing though 🙂 Did you find out the perfect match for the sky colour you wanted? Your felt card is really nice. I made some more cards using felt offcuts last week.

    1. They are a little small for slides I think, maybe stamps. I haven’t really had a good look yet Zed. I had my grandson out on the week end. He is a very busy fellow.

  3. Your card is gorgeous Ann! I love the colours and textures.

    I think the sample cards are essential – maybe ask directly to World of Wool what the plastic wallets are?

  4. I got some plastic thingies like that from JoAnn’s in the embroidery thread section. Not sure if they still have them or not. But it was to put in those little wind around cards.

    It’s a lovely postcard. I forgot about showing mine on here. Perhaps next post 🙂

    Always fun to open fiber packages!

  5. What a nice stash from WOW… did SANTA bring that already? Wish I could join you for the cat cave class…that’s been on my to-do list forever. Thanks again for the cheerful postcard!

    1. It is quite a bit but not all mine. It was here in 4 or 5 business days. I had thought it would take longer because of all the Christmas orders and packages. I am glad you liked the card. I did some cursing at it while decorating the tree on it so I may get coal in my stocking.

  6. An early Christmas! Even if it’s nit all for you isn’t it fun to open? I like having sample binders. It saves being disappointed with a new order.

    1. Yes always fun to open up a wool box. I got tired of my computer not showing the true colour. I have to almost identical wools. One is a little more purple one a little more red but unless they are side by side they look the same.

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