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Holiday Exchange and wool order

Holiday Exchange and wool order

We do a holiday exchange on the forum. We make Felt post cards to share. I can show you the post card I sent to Cathy now that she has it. Do you participate in any fibery Christmas exchanges or challenges?

exchange card

The only thing woolly that I did this week was get a World of Wool order. I half put in an order because I needed Finn wool to do a cat cave class next month.  this is what 40kg of wool looks like when it arrives and one box open

40kg wool box open

And all ready to go to the vireos people

all ready for delivery

Inside the box you can see in the open box is a colour sample binder. I decided it was about time I had one so I could see the colours properly.

sample book

In the bags are the colours for the 23 micron merino. I am going to have a look for more of the plastic  pages so I can put the bagged sample in them. I think they might be for coins. One lady is thinking of ordering yarn to dye herself so got a sample pack of them. They are good large samples, well labelled. They are all sock yarns.

yarn sample yarn sample back





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