A busy week

A busy week

I have a show coming up this weekend (fiberfest) so I have been busy getting ready or trying to get ready. I have managed to get the soap felted. I have very clean  and wrinkly hands as I type this. 🙂

felted soap

I could list what I don’t have dome better than anything. I do not have these hats finished. I am hoping to do that today.  The red one needs the strings cut an then some buttons put on to hold the folds. The green one needs the feathers outlined and the veins sewn in. the orange one need reshaping.

hat collage

I have spindles made but they need painting and then the kits put together.

spindles waiting for paint

I have 2 scarflets, 2 sets of fingerless mitts and a pill box hat that are half felted. I don’t think they will be get those finished. No picture of those, sorry

To add to the chaos I got a part time job. I drive a van taking children to school. So I spent the week end working out the timing for the trips and this week doing them. Going back to school time is organised chaos. Excited and nervous children and parents, school busses and vans and we all want to be at the front door of the school at the same time.

Now back to the salt minds.

14 thoughts on “A busy week

  1. A van load of kids, eh? It sounds like you have an answer right there to your problems! I’m sure no one would miss them at school for a day 😉 The soaps, hats and spindles all look really nice, Ann 🙂

  2. Ha! I love Zed’s response. Just conscript the kids for a little painting etc. to get everything done 🙂
    Good luck with your event, I’m sure you’ll pull it off!

  3. That’s a tremendous amount of work, so I really hope your efforts will be rewarded with lots of sales. I checked out the Fiber Fest and it looks like there is a great variety of offerings. I got very excited when I read that there would be sheep races, but then realized wooden sheep are being tossed over the Falls….huh?

    1. Thanks. the soap usually goes quite well. Have you seen the duck races with the plastic bathtub ducks? It is the same thing. They are numbered. You buy a numbered block representing your plastic sheep and if your sheep is first across the finish line you win the prize. I can not find picture of it. I know I have seen one somewhere.

  4. Ann – have you found a shop that sells large packets of ‘extra time’?

    I love the green hat! And the soaps are pretty – no wonder you have ‘prune’ fingers after doing all those.

  5. Ann the soaps are so bright and cheerful, I’m sure they’ll sell fast. I love the teal hat with leaf. Good luck getting everything done. Sometimes the busier people are the more they get done. Now that I’m retired, I wonder how I managed to do everything I did while I worked and traveled for my job. I hope you have a great show.

  6. Hello Ann, such wonderful colorful felted soaps… Love your hats too. The heather blue one with the autumn leave is gorgeous… It is getting to be that time of year. I love Autumn and all the glorious arrays of colors. Has Autumn arrived where you live yet???? I hope you the very best with upcoming show… Smile. I would love to see some photos..

    1. Thanks Judy, autumn hasn’t really arrived yet we have been having very hot summer weather. 30c or 86f. they are promising September temperatures for the week end. I like spring and fall weather.

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