More Cup Cozies

More Cup Cozies

This week I made more cup cozies. I made 2 sets of flat ones that will have buttons. I started out with a rectangle. I decorated them in a random way. I then cut them into 4 at the prefelt stage. The purple has some orange blobs of orange throwers waist. It should show up again when they are dry. The green has some of my hand spun single yarn. It is quite stable until you wet it then it get its twist back and goes all crazy.

purple cup cozies green cup cozies

I finish them on a glass wash board. It is very fast.

roling on washboard

These are the rest of the ones I made. They will get buttons. Some will fit a coffee mug and some will fit travel mugs or water bottles.

fan of cup cozies

Here are some of my buttons I will be picking through for these. I have many more if I need them. I will use a thin round black elastic loop to close them. That way I think people may be able to adjust them by looping them once or twice as needed.


I also made some that are like the cardboard sleeves you get at take out places.

tube cup cozie black with white silk white with black silk

The multicoloured one was made using a batt and prefelt triangles I cut out of some scraps. The black one is regular merino top with a white silk hanky stretched over it. The white one is made with prefelt and a black silk hanky stretched around it.  The white one shrank much more top to bottom then the other two. I didn’t look carefully at the piece I had before using it. Prefelt is directional. If I had looked I would have used it in the other direction.

rolling tube cup cozieI use the washboard to finish them as well.

This is the group drying. I really like the way the back and white ones look like marble.

finished tube cozies.

If you made it this far here are two unrelated pictures. One is my grandson helping me with my ice cream cone at the farmers market on Sunday.


And the turkeys I showed you  a few weeks ago. The first one is when they are 1 week old. They are now 4 .5 weeks old. They grow very fast. They will be moving to new quarters this week.



14 thoughts on “More Cup Cozies

  1. The cozies are cute. Your grandson has gotten so big, along with the turkeys!

  2. The cosies are really pretty – I agree about the black and white resembling marble.
    The glass washboard is a treasure. They are rare around here.
    Awww he’s cute and I think he has more ice-cream around his mouth than in it!

    1. Thanks Lyn, that washboard has been reframed. When I got it the frame was pretty chewed up. I have 5 now. I just let people know I was looking for them. They are around, hidden in attics and sheds but no one thing anyone wants them.
      Yes he did wear more then he got inside but he kept asking for more.

  3. Great work on the cup cozies! Are you machine stitching the elastic cord or doing it by hand? Do you sell these at fairs or are you looking ahead to Christmas? Old buttons are a treasure! I have trouble parting with mine.

    1. Thanks Luveswool. I am thinking ahead to the fall. My first show is at the end of August. I stitched the elastic on by hand. I will take a picture of the one I did today and post it on the felting and fiber studio forum tomorrow. Assuming can remember that long. 🙂 My dollar store has bags of buttons. I bought 2 bags of purple ones today. They were $1.25 each. One of the shows I go to has a button show at the same time.

  4. I hope you drink lots of tea or coffee, that is some serious cosy making! I’m glad to find I’m not the only one who hoards buttons 😀

    Your grandson seems delighted with his ice cream, Ann! What a cutie 🙂 And those turkeys, how fast they have grown – imagine if children grew as fast?!

    1. No not all for me. Caffeine doesn’t bother me though. I love buttons. There is a button show in the same space as a fiber show I go to . it is great and very tempting.
      He liked the icecream. he has liked everything he has tried except peaches. yes turkeys and chickens grow at an amazing rate.

  5. Great job on the cozies Ann! I need to make some more but haven’t had much time for that. The baby is adorable and I’m amazed how fast the turkeys grow.

  6. Lovely cosies Ann and great idea to use some elastic to make them adjustable. It’s a tough call but I think the last set are my faves, they look really convenient and easy, I could see myself using one of those 🙂 Have you tried to sell any yet?

    1. Thanks Teri, the bottom ones are great for take out but don’t work on my travel cup it is the wrong shape. I haven’t offered them for sale yet. Ruth says they sell for her . I hope they sell here. It is something different that is not to expensive.

  7. Wow, those turkeys grew fast! The cuffs all look great, Ann, I like the marbley ones too 🙂

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